12 September 2008

See Half The Movie....Or Get A Refund?

Many have told me, that I am sometimes too philosophical. I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.

So here's a question for my fellow philosophical friends (though the dim-wits can listen if they want to!)

Imagine you are really waiting to see a blockbuster movie. You've counted down the days till the release of the movie and did advancing booking for your tickets. In short you're really excited. Then, when you reach the ticket counter, the man inside looks at your ticket and says : "I'm sorry, but you'll only be able to watch half the movie. Do you still want to watch it, or get a refund for the ticket?"

Now this might seem like a ridiculous question to ask. But what would you do? See the movie, or get a refund?

Here's why I asked this. What if you could become best friends with a person whom you really like. But the catch is, after you two have become best buddies, he will be saying farewell to you. If you knew this before hand, that is, before becoming best friends with him, would you still want to go ahead and become best friends?

If you did go ahead and become best friends, you would go through the pain of parting ways and saying good byes.

If you didnt go ahead, you could avoid the pain.....and never feel the joys of having a great friend.

So what would you do? See half the movie....or get a refund?

Tell me through the comment section, because I'm dying to know....