Best of Laptop Diary

Since the beginning of this blog in 2008, there have been a few posts that turned out better than the others. For those who're looking for a quick read and would rather not scrutinize every post churned out, here's a look at some of them.

Short Stories :

1. A Handful of Olives
Maryam believed in the story of olives. Even when her elder brother Jassim mocked her, the seven year old girl refused to change her opinion.
“So you’re telling me that olives can protect you from evil?” asked Jassim, his tone revealing his disbelief. Maryam nodded her head vigorously. “That’s what Grandmother used to say, wasn’t it? She said that if there was an olive tree outside our house, angels would guard us from all harm. And that whenever we were frightened, all we had to do was hold a handful of olives in our right hand. You heard her say all this, didn’t you?”
Jassim merely chuckled, and said nothing. He was smart enough not to believe in such stories. After all, he was almost 13 years old…[Read more...]

2. Borrowed Love

The residents of Apoorva Colony flung open their windows, welcoming in the cool morning breeze as children rushed from bathrooms, dodging mothers yells while pulling on clothes and combing their hair quickly. Before the morning sun had firmly entrenched itself in the sky, nestled between thick white clouds, the streets were crawling with people, talking animatedly as they walked towards the nearby park.
Large wooden beams had been erected the previous evening, along with banners and silk tables clothes, adorning the previously bare green park with countless stalls and counters. The annual bake sale was about to begin, and if the warm caramel smell wafting through the air was any indicator, it would be bigger success than last year.
Walking through the crowds, along the paved sidewalk, beneath the foliage of trees was Ananya Mohan, her pale face occasionally illuminated by meek rays of sunlight. Her long, thin nose, creamish high cheek bones and angular jaw seemed to have aged rapidly over the past few days, leaving her with a face that seemed to inflate her actual age. [Read more...]

Reflections :

1. Twenty Minutes To Sunrise
The first time I saw Athirapally water falls, the sequence unfolded in surreal fashion. Walking down the wooden pathway that rises steady and then comes to steep downward slope, the trees surrounding the pathway suddenly parted, bringing into view the entire panoramic shot of the waterfall leaping off the cliffs. As though nature had invited me to walk through the tunnel and into its version of a hallowed football stadium. The sound of water rushing over rocks rumbled across the air, non chalantly assuming the duty of providing a sound track for my moment of epiphany. [Read more...]

2. Searching For The Unicorn

I lost belief a long time ago. Most around me have. None of us ever discuss about it. It's like the myth of the 'Unicorn'. Dazzling, beautiful...but it doesnt happen in real life.
They've documented it in movies, books, music videos. There are entire T.V. shows that capture the feel of the myth. But at the end of the day, you'll never see a 'Unicorn' in your life. It doesnt exist.
Whenever I watch a movie dealing with friendship, I chuckle, knowingly allowing myself to get immersed in the narrative. Like the mature guy who lets his compulsively lying friend narrate yet another tall tale of adventure. But at the end of it, like everyone else, I clear my head and walk away. The 'Unicorn' doesnt exist. [Read more...]

3. Black And White...Or Shades of Grey
The class fell silent when John entered. It was always like that. No one spoke much in John's presence. After all, he was the infamous backbencher, the perinnial failure, the guy who dared to back answer teachers. Some even said he was a chain smoker. I didnt know what to believe. But one thing was for sure. John was a bad fellow.A bad fellow. My cousin, who was studying in the same school as my senior, heard me mention about John one day. He laughed. "Funny how you treat life like a Lord of the Rings movie." He remarked. What do you mean?
Well, you've seemed to label John as a bad guy haven't you? Meaning you know some people who are good?" [Read more...]

Satires and Musings :

1. Julius Caesar 1.5
An unfortunate leg injury a mere month before my school's annual production of Julius Caesar forced me to wear a cast. Problem was, I was supposed to play the role of Caesar. Which got me thinking, what if I'd have to act with a limp and an obnoxious cast around my leg? In that case, the Shakespearean play would've gone a little differently... 
[Read more...]

2. Letter From The Solitary Reaper
A semester English exam question triggered this post. 'Imagine yourself as the Solitary Reaper, and address a letter to William Wordsworth.' So here goes... 
[Read more...]