26 June 2011

The Two Sides of Chennai Toastmasters

After a break of two months, I got to attend a meeting of Chennai Toastmasters. Comfortably nestled within the 30 plus crowd, I sat back and listened as first timers came on stage and delivered their ‘Ice Breaker’ speeches.

For the uninitiated, an Ice Breaker is the first speech a Toastmaster gives to introduce himself to the audience.

24 June 2011

Winning Back My Laptop Diary

After six months of inactivity, I finally decided to start blogging again. Which meant I had to revisit Laptop Diary after a pretty long time. Given below is an imagining of that encounter...

Me: (Trying to make an excuse for opening my blog) Oh, I -I'm sorry, I - er - I must've clicked on an old bookmark or something. Hope I didnt disturb you or anything.

LD: No, no, dont worry. (bitterly)I wasnt doing anything much since I was last updated six months ago anyway...

Me: (awkwardly) Right, so - erm, I guess I'll - I'll just get going then?

LD: (abruptly) So have you found someone new?