10 December 2008

Me And My Decisions....

I have a story to tell,
One that you should listen,
It's not about a boy and a girl,
It's about me and my decisions.

I was once like you,
With absolutely nothing to do,
Except carry a schoolbag on my shoulder,
And a cap on my head.

Time changes quickly,
Years pass by in a second,
I went from being the topper in Grade One,
To the drop out in Grade Ten.

I had no home,
Only a house to live in.
A place where parents would curse me,
And wonder why I wasnt studiying.

Life seemed hard,
My world seemed cruel,
So what better thing to do,
Than to end it, once and for all?

Now I wonder what it was,
That made me jump,
Poor grades, shouting parents,
Or just myself?

Because now, when I think about it,
Life wasnt so bad,
All I had to do was study,
And never make my parents sad.

Instead here I am,
Staring at the ceiling,
Wondering how life would be,
If I hadnt been complaining.

I wish I can stop you,
From doing what I did,
But how can I, when I'm paralysed.
From the toes till my hip.

I jumped from the top,
Of a five storey building,
I hit the ground,
But my heart kept beating.

They rushed me to the hospital,
Attempted suicide, the nurse said.
The doctor looked at me sadly,
He knew my fate even before I did.

I saw my mother,
Weeping profusely,
My father was stronger,
He tried to save me.

But not even the best of doctors,
or the strongest of medicines,
Could undo my mistakes,
And make me walk once again.

So for the rest of my life now,
I'll meet more people like you,
And to them I'll say,
What I've just told you.

I have a story to tell,
One that you should listen,
Its not about a boy or a girl,
It's about me and my decisions...


  1. This is the first poem you have written with a sad theme...and the narrative style is really good..but I wished that the poem ended on a more psitive note...I feel bad for this boy...seriously! still...keep up the good work!!

  2. i think the guy did right.
    the parents wit their dumb minds pressurized him to do this
    now wat better punishment parents may get than loosing their own child
    dats a pain they'll never 4gt
    the guy did ryt,he showed his power to the world!!!n his parents too!!!

  3. I liked the theme...good poem...but there should've been a stronger reason for the guy to suicide...n no happy endings??...newayz...good work!!

  4. @Chetna: thnks for the comment...and yah...i'd like a positive ending myself...but tht wudnt help with the message i think...

    @Rocky: Again....i dont agree with u...still...different ppl...different views right!

    @Megh: Yah...i wanted to put a stronger reason...but nothing was rhyming! so it ended up this way!

  5. u shud agree dude!!!
    coz nw its tym ppl shud fet the punishment they deserve!

  6. amazing poem dude....ur best poem after the one about ur best friend...

    do more of poems man....ur getting gud at this!!

  7. @Rocky: forget it...we've got differing viewpoints...maybe time will prove whose right...

    @Ad: thnks buddy....appreciate the encouragement...i wish more ppl were like u! lol...

  8. obvi
    time will only prove..........dat i am right!!

  9. I don't blame this person for what he did. He did the only thing what he could when he was irrational. But I would also like to agree with rocky. Though I disapprove of suicide.

  10. And by the way, nice poem Mustafa.

  11. good 1!!! nice moral message ur tryin to convey!!

  12. wow musthafa..gr8 job..dude your ausome..i read a few more 2 go..keep writin..lukin frwrd to read more..and ya...all d best..!!

  13. luv u dude!..the effort u put forth is astounding and nothing short of inspirational!..

  14. Brilliant! Loved it! Keep ‘em coming Mohammed Musthafa!

  15. Wonderful theme! Sad but refreshingly new! A totally different perspective for me! Thanx fr sharing dis with us! :)

  16. Thats a nice poem..simple and well said!