06 September 2011

I Wonder What Dravid Feels

Wonder what Rahul Dravid feels about it.
The countless newspaper columns, internet links, Facebook statuses, and perhaps most importantly, the flattering headlines.

The Wall Stands Tall.

I guess he'd be smiling. Chuckling to himself, and remembering, very clearly, how it was not so long ago. Odds are, he'll turn off the bedside lamp, say a small prayer, and forget about the praise.

Because if anyone in our country knows a thing or two about praise, it's Rahul Dravid.

The same guy who was mocked by school children all over the country over his sometimes mind numbing defensive stance in matches. I can still recall how it felt, hearing people roll their eyes when the name Rahul Dravid was mentioned. How can things change so soon?

That's the quality of our collective memory. Say hello to the 1.2 crore version of Ghajini.