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Dear Visitor,

I just realised that, on the off chance that you stumble upon this blog, read a short story (hopefully one of the better ones), and then wonder out loud - Who is this guy? - then viola, this is the page for you.

My name is Mohammed Musthafa Azeez. Born on June 27th, 1992, in Doha, Qatar to NRI parents. For those who are not from the subcontinent, that means Non Resident Indians. I hold an Indian passport, and normally carry it around in Thrissur, Kerala.

I spent my childhood hopping around and having a good time, till my parents put me in a school so as to conform to society's standards. M.E.S Indian School, it was called. Until 4th Grade. Then I had to go around in another, far better school named Al Khor International School. In between homeworks and making friends, I quickly passed every third term exam till I left for another school named Birla Public School in Doha. My 11th and 12th were spent there.

After which, I flew back to motherland, but to a different state. Tamil Nadu. Joined Loyola College. Passed out of Loyola College three years later, following which I sought employment in the company that recruited me from campus. Which is where I am right now. And oh, I should also mention, I started this blog in my 10th Grade. Gradually published post after post. In between, tried writing a novel a few times. Got rejected a few times. Still trying.

Now that's my story. Read on, and maybe you could share yours as well?

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