30 July 2010

Introducing 'Enjoy The Popcorn'

Ever had an apple-falling-on-your-head moment?

I had one. I happened a few days ago when I was watching a movie. I had been racking my brains thinking of a topic to write on here, and just when I finished the movie, I began telling myself everything that I hated about it. I dont do that all the time, by the time. Well, not generally.

22 July 2010

Meet Mr. David Foster

Dear Mr. DeVille,
This letter may perhaps come as a surprise to you. After all, as a Lawyer, I doubt you’d have come across as odd a request as my own. However, your excellent reputation assures me that you’ll handle my troubles quite efficiently.
My troubles, if such is the word to describe them, relates to the life of the esteemed writer, Mr. David Foster. You may have perhaps heard of him. This problem though, is delicate in nature, and requires your complete compliance...