16 July 2013

Vote for A Short Story

After countless short stories and articles being posted, it's finally time for an announcement.

I've been shortlisted as a finalist for the 1st Indireads Short Story Contest, held to select the best short stories in 4 genres from South Asia. Now that I've been shortlisted, the best short story will be decided by voting.

This is where your help comes in. I've come to believe that over the years there are about a handful of secret readers of this blog. If that belief is valid, then you must be reading this right now. Well, I need a favor.

Click on the link here, read my story, and if you deem it worthy, vote for it. The winner of this contest will get a book contract, which means I finally have the means to fulfill my life long dream!

Here's to hoping for success. And your cooperation. Thanks!

03 July 2013

Chasing Parisa


I grabbed the phone from Varun’s hands before he could react. Holding it tightly, I stared at the picture, feeling envy growing within me.

“How the hell – so it’s true, huh?” I said, trying to sound casual.

Varun’s face turned a shade red as he tried not to blush.

I looked at the photo again and let out a low whistle. She was beautiful. It was a picture of a girl in her early twenties, who was facing slightly off camera, with her hand in the air as she perhaps tried to stop the photo from being taken. She had fair, creamish complexion, and her thin, red lips curved upwards, causing his cheeks to swell lightly. Combined with the slight reflection of her thin long nose, she looked almost angelic. Serene, I thought.