18 August 2008

Once Upon A Time....When I Was Cute

Now don't laugh at the title. It's true. Once upon a time, I was cute. But I've grown older, more rugged now. Too much time in the sun, too much time in the kitchen....all have made me loose my cuteness.

I wouldn't have complained about it, if it wasn't for an annoying picture. The picture of my 5 year old self.

You see, a few months back, I decided to put this ridiculously 'angel' like picture as my MSN Display Picture. The reason? I couldn't find any present day picture of mine that was socially acceptable. The problem is, I think I've become jealous...of my five year old self. It's true. And there's a reason too.

Every guy who chatted with me, asked me who the kid in the pic was. I said its me. What do I get in return? :-O. Or :P. Now that's insulting!

What's more, the girls who chatted with me, immediately asked, "Whose picture is that?". I replied, (blushing - though I was sitting in front of a laptop) "Err...that's my picture. When I was 5 years old."

"Oh cho chweeet!" they all say. (I don't know why, but apparently 'Cho Chweet' is better than 'So Sweet').

"Thank you. The picture looks cute right....just like how I look right now?" I added, feeling a bit pleased with myself. Strangely, they all quickly went off line after that. I wonder why....

So late at night, or early in the morning, I stand in front of my mirror, looking at the picture of my 5 year old self propped up in front of me, and think to myself, "Ah...the good old days...when I was cute."

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahah.........LMAO!!!!!
    man dis is hillarious.....u lukd so gud bak den man....n luk at u now...:P
    nah...im jus kiddin...u luk gud nw too man..

  2. ok mayb i shud nt have added the last part..:P..that was a purely make-u-feel-better statement...plz dont strt that thing again...[u knw wat im talkin bout!!]
    n frm whn did u spend time in the kitchen??

  3. lol....ur completely right dude...thnks for the make-me-feel-better statement!...and by time in the kitchen...i meant horizontal development....god, now shud i tell u wht tht means as well?? lol...thnks for the comment btw!

  4. why dont u devolop horizontally at sumwher els other than the kitchen...??
    u knw how i knw whther i devolop horizontally or not...??
    i sit infrnt of the computer table.. thers a special tile on wich i keep the chair.. if i have devoloped, i'l be uncomfy an id have to move my chair backwrds ...

  5. hey... why did i say tht???-^???
    leave it..
    nice work sonny... u knw.. i cud copy the entire stuff into my blog an move ur pic an put my pic into it.. (mine's much much cuter though :D) the stry is pretty much the same...
    hehe.. nice work..

  6. nice 1...criously u luk sho shweet in dat pic....n u seem to be so excited while posin 4 de pic.....

  7. @Shabz: Ur right....u cud copy....but u better not! lol...thnks for the comment....
    @Anonymous: It's pretty obvious who u r....and thnks for commenting, i thught u werent gonna....it helps....but hope u leave ur real name next time....thnks!

  8. hehe
    man crisouly awesum!
    u lukd raly chweet bak den! :P
    m nt sayin anythin abt de present!......kiddin!......n crisouly dnt spend 2 much tym in de kitchen also! :D

  9. ah yes the good ole days!when u smiled a lot and talked less.before u became a motor mouth with ur particular brand of humour.oh,how i mourn the passing of those days..!

  10. Don't worry, Mustafa! We do think you look "smart" if not "cute". It's an evolution! ^ ^

  11. haaaaaaa!! things change n plp change.....u gotta accept sum things in life muthu....hehehee,..lolz....jus kiddin...u maybe arent tht cute...but u luk quite smart!haaappy??

  12. Sad what a few years can do to transform your face from that cute boy to ...well..ahem...lol! just kiddin man! You look not-so-bad now...it is the spectacles that make you look less...whatever...I guess!

  13. haha... add one more to chooo chweet :)

    you have mentioned Kitchen... so do you cook?