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My interest in story writing solidified when I saw a short story of mine published in a regional youth magazine, aptly called Young Times (published from Dubai, circulated in the Middle East and Pakistan - though sadly the magazine folded at the end of 2008).

Since then, I haven't made too much progress getting my works featured, since I'm more occupied with posting them on Facebook and this blog. Still, below is a list of all the short stories that have been published so far. Hopefully as the years go by, the list will get longer!

1. The Airport Story :
My first short story, published back in 2005 when I was 14 years old. It was nothing exceptional, but atleast a start!

2. In Memory Of...:
The first story of mine that won an award. The magazine Young Times held a Short Story Competition in 2007, for youngsters from the Middle East and Pakistan. This story won first place.

3. A Handful of Olives :
In 2009, the Ministry of Interior - Qatar, held a short story competition open to all in the country, on the theme - Sufferings of the people of Gaza. By most estimates, this is the best short story I've written so far.

4. Mr. And Mrs. Sampath :
Indireads, a Toronto based publishing company that focuses on writings from South Asia, held a short story competition to find talented writers from the region. This crime story was shortlisted amongst the top 12, and won the runner - up prize in the Crime category. It didnt win the first place. The story below did.

5. A Plate of Rice :
The story that won me a publishing contract by clinching joint First Place in Indireads First Short Story Contest. 

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