22 August 2008

How I Got My Dimples

When I grow up, if I turn into a public speaker, I swear to God I will tell this story in front of every audience (and probably get a standing ovation for that as well!). What is the story? It's about how I got my dimples. One clue. I didnt have them on my 4th birthday. I had two of them on my 5th. Intrigued?

Let's go to the story, shall we? First the scene. It's a bathroom (hold on, you perverts. The bathroom door is open...). My Mother is bathing me (dont expect to tease me with this. Your Mom must've bathed you too when you were 5 years old.)

To fully understand what happens next, you should know the following:
  1. I had come home from Kindergarden. I was sweating and thus needed a bath.
  2. My Mother was using a soap to bath me (like duh!).
  3. The Tub had a kind of dumpy elevation in the front part (those who really are into this story, take a break and check out your bathtub. My guess is, it will have those same elevated bumpy stuff too.)
Now, as my Mother is bathing me, there's soap all over my body. So what happens is, I slip because my feet are soapy, and I land on the bathtub floor. Here is the main point of the story. As I fall, I slam my (left side) cheek onto the bumpy stuff. And then I cry and blah blah blah.

Guess what happened then. It turns out there is an impression on my left as well as right cheeks (the impact was that great..) By an impression, I mean, like how the moon has a lot of impressions on it. In other words....er.....holes. Alright, I'm not crazy, but the truth is, there were deep, hole like thingys on both my cheeks.

What my worried Mother and not so worried Father does, is go to a few doctors and get me some oinments. The Docs all said that the deep, hole like impressions would slowly heal. Well, atleast I have that as proof. The next time you see me, watch closely. My left cheek has a dimple. My right cheek apparently doesnt.

Normally, things arent like that my friend....

So all I'm saying is.....Would you like some Dimples?

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  1. i wont wish to have dimples by dat hard method

    falling on a bathtub hurts

  2. Yeah, I've noticed the left cheek's dimple.

  3. huh!!! fake way of gettin a dimple....!!!thts not wat u call ORIGINAL....

  4. This story sounds cute but painful...but it is some story to tell your grandkids...LOL!

  5. awwww..... LOLZ.... dat was funny and when u fell I was all Ouchie... but... dude u do know how to turn tragedies into comedies!!!!!!

  6. dude i noe tht when i tyoe it out my sarcasm wont sound so funny (hope it usually is funny)well u said
    "My Mother was using a soap to bath me (like duh)"

    why does ur mom usually use detergent tht u r specifyin soap here.......

    well y don u try an balance the dimples ...........go fall on a rock or sumthing....

  7. You are awesome. This blog is awesome. This post is awesomeness squared. Thank you!!!!