29 November 2008

Think of Ajay...

Perhaps it's because of the recent attacks on Mumbai, or perhaps it's because I havent been feeling especially humourous lately. What ever the reason, I've decided to ask you, and myself, a relatively tough question. What would you do, if you were in the position of Ajay?

Read this partly fictionalised story, inspired from a true event in Mumbai...

An 18 year old named Ajay, who was staying in the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, witnessed the hostage attempt. Knowing that he didnt have much time left, he hid himself in his hotel room, and called his parents. Taking all the time he could, he talked to every one of his family members. He wasnt sure he would live to see another day. And sadly, he didnt. After the phone conversation, his family members never heard from Ajay again.

Now here's my question, the answer to which, even I am not sure of. What would you do if you were in Ajay's position? Wouldnt you also want to talk to all your loved ones? Wouldnt you want to tell them just excatly what they mean to you? Sure you would. Well, what if you are going to be in Ajay's position? What if you wont get the small relief which Ajay got?

None of us can say when we'll bid farewell to this world. Maybe two months from now, maybe tomorrow. And if that happens, wouldnt you want to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you?

Stop reading this blog. You dont even have to comment, if you dont want to. But let your family, and your friends, know what they mean to you. Or else, it might be too late...

Think of Ajay....

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  1. dude, call me up:

  2. If I ever faced such a situation I would do the same thing Ajay did and perhaps call u up and thank u for imparting this message to your readers...but only if I have enough credit! Ther are many more great true stories about the mumbai massacre and it will be nice if you wrote more....best wishes

  3. dis is a very imp. lesson each of us shud learn....

  4. Hey....this is deep and thoughtful..yet..I agree with classmate..write more stories related to this event...all your readers will want to read it

  5. muthu i dont wanna be negative here
    bt i feel dat
    dat guy dusnt have any proper thots
    he's calling his family n telling i luv u when he already knos dat he's gonn die
    dats kinda nt gud
    hw will his family feel??
    dey can hear him,dey feel more attached to him,dey feel helples knowing the situation,dey get more pain after he dies.
    instead he cud have tried saving his own n sum other ppl's live in dat tym. he cud have attacked the terrorist in frm behind.he was inside,may be he wud have died in the fight,bt hey he also had a chance to kill the terrorists.
    n telling ppl wat they mean to u,dats nt correct.
    if sum1 means gud to u,he/she shud feel it frm their own.otherwise i say i care for u n behind i w8 4 u to die,dats nt gud.
    u shud show it in ur work n not in ur speeches!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. definitely...I would've done what Ajay had done...to call up my family n friends before I die...but then there's another question what if I dont get the time even to call them up?...So, it's better to tell ur loved ones everyday how much they mean to you so that you can die in peace...watsay?....

  8. i dnt agree wit meghna
    coz i tried it
    n it failed badly
    muthu me w8ing 4 ur replies here