25 July 2011

Mallus, Marus and More

Five Years Ago...
"Vivek was telling me that Thursday might be a holiday for all of us," John said.

"Whose Vivek?" I asked, as we sat at the end of class.

"Arey, Vivek, dude. The short, spectacled guy, in Philip's class?"

"Oh, that Vivek."

Present Day...
"Rohit says there's no college tomorrow. We'll watch a movie?"

"Rohit? Who's that?"

"Rohit, macha. The maru who sits behind us in class."

"Oh, that Rohit."

Funnily enough, until I joined a college in India last year, I never knew what a maru meant. Of course, now I do. Not just marus. I know who mallus, iyers, firengis and the rest are.

09 July 2011

Three Letter Word For 'Being Happy'

It's something that I've been wondering about for the past few days. When did I first hear the word being used? It's like trying to remember the first time you heard about the concept of death, or money, or air conditioners, I guess. It's just something that we grew up with.

The word 'gay'.

02 July 2011

Three Blind Men

Over the years, many of my readers have asked me about my first article as a journalist. Thinking back to that time, back in 2001, I could tell you the details as though it’d happened yesterday. 

On my very first day as an intern at The Hindu, I was well on course to being late for work. As I ran down the steps of the overhead footbridge two at a time, the railway platform was drowned in the sound of two oncoming trains. 

Great! I thought. Just what I needed. Within seconds, hundreds of passengers spilled onto the platform, flowing towards the footbridge in unison. As I pushed my way past college students, flower selling middle aged ladies and office workers who must’ve owned surprisingly defective deodorants, something caught my eye.