02 January 2008

The Party At Ten

Frankly speaking, I wrote this about two years ago, and I cant make head or tail out of it. I was trying to emulate Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....and ended up emulating no body but myself. Please bear with me and read the story...

The New Man walked into Turner?s house. Hector Thompson was twenty-five years old, but anyone who knew would think that he was five years younger. He had joined the New York Police Department as a trainee. Inspector Joseph who was known for his ability to spot new talent picked him. Hector was 6 foot tall and thin. He was amazingly strong. The trademark of Hector was his glasses. He had frameless glasses that slid down his nose and rested on the tip. Every time Hector thought of something interesting, he would push his glasses up his nose. He walked behind Inspector Joseph.

The Turners were hosting a small party. They had invited Colonel Melvin, Johnny, Mr. Williamson, Inspector Joseph, and Mr. Thompson. Colonel Melvin was a hefty military officer who had led a battalion during the Gulf War. Johnny used to work for Mr. Turner but now owned a small shop. Mr. Williamson was a part time author. The party was set to start at 10. It was five now.

Mrs. Turner was busy preparing food for Dinner. Her house cleaner had taken leave and that left Mrs. Turner all alone. Hector offered his help but Mrs. Turner said that she would be able to manage by herself. Hector walked around the living room. He was a quiet kind of man who only talked when needed. He looked at the books stacked in the self and look THE ANIMALS OF NEW YORK, Inspector Joseph was watching TV. Mrs. Turner sensed that the atmosphere was dull and at once launched on of her latest tales. ?You see, Yesterday, I was cleaning the toilet in the first floor when I noticed a face of an animal looking at me from the window?... ?She dramatized the incident and finally ended by saying??. It was a horrible squirrel ?. Mrs. Turner had that rare talent only found in old women (she was 45) of exaggerating a small incident into the story of the century.

Inspector Joseph made a wise decision and pretended to go to the bathroom in order to avoid her stories. Hector however was deeply engrossed in THE ANIMAL... Book so much so that he almost finished reading half of its 120 pages. Mr. Turner walked into the room and greeted hector, and then went to make sure the party decorations were ready.

Half an hour later, Johnny came. He was about 30 and looked shabby. He had not shaven for days and there were stains on his shirts. He greeted everyone and rushed to the kitchen to get a drink. By then Hector had finished reading the book and was walking around the room. Mrs. Turner thought that another story of her was needed to get rid of the apparent boredom in the air and so launched another story-this time of her father. He was a general in the Gulf War of 1991(not only did she think that the guests were bored, she also thought that it was her responsibility to teach them when the gulf war took place). As usual, Joseph made another trip to the toilet, and Hector found another book to read. It was the diary of Mrs. Turner?s granddaughter, Alice. She had written a lot about her family. Hector had doubted whether it was right to read a girl?s personal diary, but all doubts were wiped when he read the tile of the first page: Welcome to all readers.

Alice was good at describing her family. She described her mother as a fat Diana. Her father?s face resembled George Bush when he looks annoyed. Her grandmother was a sweet angel with wrinkles. Perhaps the funniest description was of her father. She described him as a fat version of her pet Kathy.

At 7:30, Mr. Williamson came. A correct description of Mr. Williamson would be one tenth of a sumo wrestler. The skin on his face was hanging. The first impression Hector got of Mr. Williamson was of a loud mouth obese man. He walked in and sat next to Hector. At once Hector knew that Williamson wanted to talk to him. Therefore, he closed Alice?s diary and listened to Williamson. Although at first Hector felt bored, Williamson talked to him about his new book. It was based on Colonel Melvin?s life. Colonel Melvin had fought during the Gulf War under Mrs. Turner?s father. General Carter was a great soldier and had led his battalion into Iraq. However, after the war Colonel Melvin was expected to be promoted but was not. Instead, another soldier had been promoted. However, ten years later, Melvin was made a Colonel. Williamson looked at Hector for ideas. After giving him a few tips Hector got up and went to the toilet. He found that it was locked. ?Joseph, you can come out now.? He said. Joseph came out, looking for any sign of Mrs. Turner. ?Thanks Hector,? he said. A few minutes later, Colonel Melvin came. Now Mrs. Turner felt that it was her responsibility to entertain her guests until the dinner was ready. What better way than to tell another story, she thought? She began telling the story of her father, Carter. She described how he had been a great soldier in the gulf war. Colonel Melvin quickly went to the toilet, but Joseph was quicker. As soon as Hector came out, Joseph sprang into the toilet. Colonel Melvin then hid himself behind a big statue, on which there was an inscription: Hid not from your fears and guilt.

Carter was the officer of Colonel Melvin at the time of the Gulf War. Mrs. Turner spoke with great pride. A few minutes later she ended by saying??, Dad, and Melvin are friends to this day. In fact, Melvin saw Dad yesterday before he went to Florida for his vacation.?

Colonel Melvin fell from behind the statue in surprise. His surprise quickly changed into curiosity. ?How did you know?? he asked. ?Well, we were coming home after shopping when we say Johnny walking near our house. We asked if you were home and he said yes.? ?Well lets all eat.? Mrs. Turner announced. Hector spotted General Carter?s photo. It was a photo of his 70th Birthday celebration, two weeks. In it were his whole family and a few friends. ?Mr. ?? Mrs. Turner called out to Hector. ?Thomson, Hector Thomson.? Hector said. They all sat down to eat. Mrs. Turner had taken up the task of refilling every one?s plates. At first, no one minded her constant refilling. Soon, only Mr. Williamson did not mind. He also dominated the conversation. Johnny was sweating badly. ?Would you like some beef Johnny?? Mrs. Turner asked as she tipped beef into his plate. ?No, No? Johnny cried and pushed away the plate. Everyone stared at Johnny. ?I?I have an allergy? he said. Mrs. Turner looked a bit offended. ?What kind of an allergy, Johnny?? Hector asked. Johnny stumbled and tied to let something but Hector cut in,? I think you can not eat beef because you have skin problem don?t you?? Johnny looked at him gratefully and said, ?Yes, yes?

After dinner, Hector needed to make a personal call. Mrs. Turner offered the phone, but Hector preferred Colonel Melvin?s mobile. Although at first he was surprised, Melvin gave him the mobile, adding that, he had received it as a present. Hector went out and talked for a long time.

Mrs. Turner brought a tray and handed dessert to every one. Hector came in, feeling a bit happy and grim at the same time. He did not give back the mobile, but Melvin did not ask for it. Mrs. Turner sensed boredom again and so launched another story of her. However, this time, Hector interrupted her. ?I will tell you a story of mine. Once there was a man. He was a really famous and respected man. Under him many people worked. HE was not, however friendly with another man, named Y. The man, named X, did not promote Y, because he did not like him. Instead, X insulted Y. However, no one knew of this. Therefore, y had to pretend to like him. Many years later, Y got tired of X, and thought of taking his revenge on him. He studied X?s movements and one night killed him.? When Hector stopped narrating, there was complete silence in the room. In any other occasion Mrs. Turner would have launched one of her stories but now she was speechless.? Is this a true story?? she asked. Hector smiled.? Then you see no one looked for X, because everyone thought X had gone away somewhere. And Y sat happily. In fact he is sitting right here amidst us.

Inspector Joseph seemed to have been prepared for this, and had his gun pulled out. Mrs. Turner ignored the presence of the gun and asked Hector, ?Who is it, please tell us?. Hector surveyed the room. Mr. and Mrs. Tuner, Johnny, Mr. Williamson, and Colonel Melvin were all looking at him. Hector quietly said, ?Colonel Melvin killed him.? There were loud gasps, and Colonel Melvin sprang up, anger in his eyes. As a precaution, Inspector Joseph pulled out his gun and pointed it towards Melvin. ?Sit down Melvin? he said. ?You must be joking!? Melvin said. ?No I am not, Melvin.? Hector said.

?It all started when I read the book of animals and in it read that Squirrels are not found in Eastern USA, due to the climatic conditions there. However, Mrs. Turner said that she had seen a squirrel. Now I thought that there were three possibilities. Firstly, Mrs. Turner may have lied in order to entertain us, secondly she may have been mistaken, and thirdly it may have been true. But then I noticed that Mrs. Turner wore thick glasses, and I can tell you quiet definitely that any one who wears such thick glasses will not be able to see things a meter away.? Hector paused and pushed his glasses up.

?Then I began to read the newspaper, and in it was a list of all the flights out of New York. And believe it or not, there were no flights to Florida!?. ?But then how did Dad go?? Mrs. Turner asked. Hector pitied women who talked too much. Such women never listened carefully. Hector ignored her question. ?Then I read Alice?s diary, and in it she described Mr. Carter as having a fat face of her pet Kathy. Now tell me Mrs. Turner, didn?t your grand daughter have a pet squirrel when she lived in Chicago?? For a minute, Mrs. Turner was amazed by Hector?s sharp senses. ?Yes, yes? she said. Hector smiled. ?Now I when I begin to suspect something. To my help comes the wonderful Mr. Williamson. He tells me every thing about Melvin, because he is writing a book on him. I understand that Melvin was denied promotion when he was working under Carter. Naturally, any one would get angry. And Melvin was an amazing soldier too.?

Melvin burst out,? I would have been a general by now if it wasn?t for that rat.? Hector continued,? I knew that there was a chance of Melvin killing Carter. However, I needed evidence. That is when Mrs. Turner tells me about Melvin?s frequent visits. I begin to suspect something. But I am distracted by Johnny.? Johnny looked up, startled. ?I didn?t do anything.? ?But you were shaking as thought you had done something. I begin to think, and just then, I hear that Johnny was seen walking by the Turners house. I put one and one together. During dinner, Johnny proves that he is having skin infection. No wonder he drank so much milk. Now, if you will all follow me? Hector stood up and proceeded upstairs.

In the upstairs bathroom, he drew a knife and opened the window. He cut something and moments later, there was a dull thud. Mrs. Turner shrieked and ran downstairs, praying it was not her father. ?Colonel Melvin, I hereby arrest you for the murder of?? Inspector Joseph said as he pulled out his handcuffs.

Hector took Johnny to as side and inserted something into his pocket. ?What is-?Johnny asked. ?Shhh, it is an address of a rehabilitation centre doctor I know. Go there first thing in the morning. Hope you recover soon.? Then he left.

?Well, Hector, I must say that I am impressed. I recruit you and you already solve your first case.? Joseph said as they drove back to their flat. Hector pushed up his glasses.? Well, I thought I could warm up a little.?

They laughed loudly. They had no idea what cases were to come their way.


  1. writing mysteries and thrillers is not easy but this was a deent effort...

    P.S. I miss those Indian charecters

  2. wow, that's good stuff. nice job.

  3. Finally figured it out! Apostrophes (') and double inverted commas ("") apparently don't work in any of your posts... Investigate it as soon as possible.