30 July 2010

Introducing 'Enjoy The Popcorn'

Ever had an apple-falling-on-your-head moment?

I had one. I happened a few days ago when I was watching a movie. I had been racking my brains thinking of a topic to write on here, and just when I finished the movie, I began telling myself everything that I hated about it. I dont do that all the time, by the time. Well, not generally.

Anyway, that's when it hit me. If I have so much to say about movies that I watch, why not write them down? Now, I've never had the experience of writing reviews. And frankly, I dont like the process of reviewing. Because that essentially means telling everyone what the movie is about. Including every key scene, dialogue, action piece. What's the point in that, right?

Instead, what I wanted to do, was write an 'opinion piece' about why I think you should or should not watch the movie. That way, I get to tell people about a few movies that they're missing out on; as well as keep them away from the movies that're a waste of their money.

So what should the title of the blog be, I thought. That's when I remembered a phrase that my friend used to say. Whenever we decided which movie to watch, he'd comment, "Pick whichever, I'm just going there to enjoy the popcorn". He said that, because he loved the popcorn. I liked that phrase, becase sometimes, that's the only thing we end up liking as we walk out of the theatre.

And so, starting this week, I'll be posting reviews to movies that I've watched. That means not just the latest releases, but movies in general.

Hope you like them!

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  1. A late post, don't you think? enjoythepopcorn began a looong time back didn't it? Anyway, best of luck. Then again, I've read your reviews and I don't think you need luck... :P