16 November 2011

Searching For The 'Unicorn'

I lost belief a long time ago. Most around me have. None of us ever discuss about it. It's like the myth of the 'Unicorn'. Dazzling, beautiful...but it doesnt happen in real life.

They've documented it in movies, books, music videos. There are entire T.V. shows that capture the feel of the myth. But at the end of the day, you'll never see a 'Unicorn' in your life. It doesnt exist.

Whenever I watch a movie dealing with friendship, I chuckle, knowingly allowing myself to get immersed in the narrative. Like the mature guy who lets his compulsively lying friend narrate yet another tall tale of adventure. But at the end of it, like everyone else, I clear my head and walk away. The 'Unicorn' doesnt exist.

I used to be the wide eyed boy, blown away by the concept of friendship. You mean we will know, respect, like, help AND hang out with each other...forever?

Time sobered me up. To the point where I've become disillusioned. Like a part of the crowd, I've grown tired of chasing the 'Unicorn'. Others still sniff around for the drug, craving the intoxication they once had. And the rest? They've shaken their heads and laughed off the possibilty.

You will never find friendships that last forever, they say. Think about it. With the amount of ego, mistrust, deceit and most important of all, self centered agendas that each one of us carry around, such things are relics of the past. Instead, hold your chin up, get where you want to in life. End of story.

Ever since I hung up my rifle and hunting cape, though, there have been moments. Eerie moments. Moments when I could swear the myth of the 'Unicorn' was true. Sometimes it happened in the dead of night, in the midst of a long winded conversation with a close pal, as we lay on the rooftop, lazily watching the clouds move about. Sometimes it happened when an empty wallet was refilled, with currency notes that didnt belong, just because someone cared enough to ensure a filled stomach and a trip back home for me.

I would blink my eyes, and the moment would pass. The 'Unicorn' would disappear, and I'd be left with the doubt. Could the myth infact be true?

For a generation that has spent countless days watching reruns of Friends episodes alone, I guess it's a question we'll never fully answer. But the possibility thrills me. The possibility that perhaps some day in the future, I'd be able to confirm the myth. The 'Unicorn' exists.

It's time to take out my rifle and hunting cape. You can do the same. Let's get to the end of the mystery once and for all, shall we?


  1. great way to narrate a search for something truly beautiful by comparison to sumthing even more beautiful.....great moral..inspirational n as always awesomely written!

  2. Well written but cynical...

    True friendships do exist, my friend. Only, you have to give it time.

    Ever considered that the other guy could be harboring the same doubts and cynicism like you? He too may want an idealistic life with dependable and grounded friends.

    Only, he may have been as unsure and wary of being taken for a ride, as you.

  3. i dont know if you remember me... but we did a shakespeare play in school... i have commented on this excerpt previously and yet when i read it again..i cant help but marvel your adept skill with connecting deep thoughts to simple yet logical and sensitive words. i hope you see this.
    i too, have just started on my journey in blogging. got a long way to go...