08 March 2009

My Mother's Birthday

There I was, with my classmates, chatting away, when someone yelled out to us, "Happy Women's Day!"

The others paid no attention to the yelling. Even I turned my back. But then it struck me. "Shoot!"

"What happened?" some asked.

"Crap! Today's my mother's birthday!"

It's been like this for the past so many years. And almost all the time, I only remember my mother's birthday, because (thankfully) it falls on World Women's Day.

I went back home. And guess what? I forget all about the birthday. Till about 8 in the evening. That's when I looked at my Mom and said. "By the way, it's your birthday right?"

She nodded her head, partly surprised that I remembered after all. That was the end of it.

Then I came online. And checked Facebook. Visited Orkut. Quickly logged in and out of MSN. That's when it struck me. Wasnt something wrong here?

Imagine how you or I would have felt if no one wished us on our birthdays. In fact, most of us subconsiously keep a count of how many people wish us. We check our Walls, Scrapbooks, MSN Offliners, Gmail accounts, Mobile Sms's, Telephone calls...all because some years ago, we were born on that particular day.

What about my Mother? Her birthday, sad to say, was no different from any other day of her life. There's wasnt even anything special for dinner, since I wasnt feeling too well.

Sure, not all of us are as unabashedly shameless as I am. But some of you, atleast a handful, must be knowing what I'm talking about. It doesnt have to be Mom's birthday. It could be your Dad's as well. Or why not, even your Grandparents...

For sixteen years of my existence, never for once had I woken up, with the thought that today was my Mother's birthday. I felt ashamed. I promised myself that next year would be different.

But as I got up from the study table, I realised not everything has to wait. Leaning over, I hugged my mother, and gave her a kiss. Perhaps that would make her day a little more special....
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  1. hey its true..happens with a lot of ppl..like my brother...*real on:P...
    as for me im toal opp...coz i always make sure i wake up early...b4 her...arrange sumthing..nd stuff...
    but u knw wt...4 a mother...that warm hug nd sweet kiss...is the biggest of all gifts...specially when her own child gifts it...so u knw muthu..ur mom im sure..has neva felt bad...nd neither do u hav to be ashamed..as long as u keep havin those hugs nd kisses ready everyyear for her...

    nd btw...this was a nice one!!

  2. nyc 1 agn dude
    wat a coincidence:the day i bought cards for my mom,u wrote this
    wish though i will send the cards,i dont 4gt to wish her in the morning,though i always do but still the fear of 4gting is always there...
    unfortunately once i 4gt my dad's,n i regret it alot

  3. i am so touched.. thank god for the hug :)

  4. Thanks for sharing.Wish your Mom a joyful Birthday besides all Mom's around the world a great joyful Mother's day.

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  5. yea i 4rgot my moms bday this year too...wished her a week later! she obviously wasn't too pleased..lol..

    Wish your mom a happy bday from me :D

  6. i guess i shud b more ashamed than u re!.......i cant even rememba ma parents, bro's n sis's......n even most of ma closest frnds bdays!........i donno y.....it kinda feels hard 4 me 2 rememba!.......

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. wishing ur mom a joyful birthday!......
    n also wish her 4 givin me a gr8 frnd like u!...... ;)

  9. You're right Mustafa. We all forget. It's ok. A warm hug and a kiss would mean a lot to her. And that's all I could give my mom on her birthday. And that's all she expects.

  10. u know y she wasn't put out that day?cos i had already wished her!she probably felt getting one out of three wasnt a bad deal at all...

  11. It happens yes, but its not right and its not fair, for someone who loves you unconditionally thru out the year, this is the least you could do remember her birthday and try and make it special for the lady !!!

    Hope you do consider this the next year.