10 March 2009

"Where Do Hamsters Come From?"

This post is partly rewritten from my previous post: The Bucket List. Dont mind if some of the themes discussed seem repetitive.

It was 1: 45 P.M., and all of us had just trudged back to the bus. Not surprisingly, it's wasnt an exceptionally good day at school. Too much homework in Physics and Chemistry. Tests in the other subjects. Most of us spent our time complaining about it all.

Slowly we turned towards the topic of farewell. Within a year, we would all be parting ways. Everything would change.

"What would you miss the most?" was the question we asked each other. "The bus journey to school." "Friends..." The list carried on for a while. And soon we fell silent, thinking about the future. The song Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park was playing on the mobile. A perfect nostalgic setting.

Suddenly I snapped out of it. "Guys, we need to do more fun stuff before we leave this place. Things like...like the Bucket List!"

Then I told them all about a scene in the movie The Bucket List, where Morgan Freeman is lying on a hospital bed, dying from Cancer. His friend Jack Nicholson is standing next to him. Morgan Freeman, at a time when he's face to face with death, cracks a joke which sends both of them into fits of laughter. They continue laughing hysterically, forgetting all their worries. And then Morgan Freeman asks Jack Nicholson for a pen. He takes out paper from his bag, and strikes out an item in his bucket list.

To Laugh Till I Cry.

Later, when we were a few minutes away from exiting the bus, I turned towards two of my good buddies, and said, "Guys, let's crack some lame jokes. Anyone got one?"

One of my friends had one ready. He took a short breath and asked: Where do Hamsters come from?

"Where do they come from?" The two of us asked.

"Hamsterdam!" It was one of the lamest jokes possible. Yet the three of us laughed. Laughed so hard, that we couldnt even give proper hi-fi's to each other. We laughed until our stomachs pained, and tears filled our eyes. It was one moment when I wished time would never change. But sadly, the day will come, when we'll be dressed in our suits and sarees, posing for our final pictures together. We will all tell how much we'll miss each other. But even on that day, when my friend turns around and asks, "Where do Hamsters come from?",
I'll have a smile on my face...

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  1. :)
    don't worry...we will make sure we give u'll a good farewell again!...so tht ull will atelats fr one day stop thinking abt the future and enjoy ur 2day!....and yah tht was the lamest joke ever!...bt we are the kinda of people who laugh more on lame jokes than on good ones :P

  2. that makes me nostalgic. :(

    i jus attended my seniors grad ceremony y'day.. gonna miss some of them

    i even made it a point to make th best of the remaining year :). time passes so quickly

  3. as swati said : this tyme also, v're juz wishing tht v wud giv u guys an awesum farewell!....... ;)...
    n muthu, i agree tht was a lame joke......bt der r more......criosly....lot more!..... u hang around 4 a lil time with us!.....den u'll cum 2 noe many more! ;)....

  4. really muthu...some times such silly things make ur day..and u remember them for ever !!....hope both the 10th and 12th gets a farewell coz many close friends r leaving us..

  5. yea...damn...that got me bloody depressed thinking of my farewell...0_o

    ahh..well...two more years to go for my batch atleast..! but u guys will go nxt yearr...:(

  6. yeah like rejin said-- just 2 mroe yrs!!! :'(
    and with ull one more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......lets make de best use of these 365 days!

  7. Wow...you have really spoken out what we 12th stds have been thinkin for quite a while...guess the pain of discussing it never allowed us to well...discuss it...good post
    P.S. I hope that saree thing doesn't happen...I prefer salwar or sumthin....

  8. joke sukd
    bt yea we need to do more funny n memorable stuffs b4 we go
    bt the school wont eeven allow us to smile
    bt yes we'll try our best

  9. kinda reminded me of my farewell. u kno dat don u - i wrote abt it in my blog.it has jus been few months and life widout skul is soooo borin *sigh*

    and joke didn make me laugh but whn u r thinkin abt sad stuffs even the worst of PJs make u laugh.

    keep rockin and writin. and don think abt the farewell now. njoy evry momnt till then!!!!

  10. Hahaha! Hamsterdam! Wouldn't seem like a bad joke when it's time to say goodbye.


    I hate goodbyes. Especially when it's a friend you've spent good times together with.

  11. Sometimes the darnest things give you the best memories.

    I still remember the lame jokes we guys made back in college...we still talk about them.

  12. best post so far!!>...tis tru wat uve said...tymz passin by...really fast...its best to enjoy life now..so u dont regret it later..n say "Crap! its too late now"...one thing i wanna do before 12th gets over is get all d fone numbers and ids of all ppl...its best to stay in touchh..and about farewell...u think too high of Birla...!