24 May 2009

Goodbye LG

Dear LG,

They say all good things must come to an end. I guess that's true in our case as well. I know you're still upset by my father's decision. But I guess it's all for the best.

I thought I should write this last letter to you, before we finally part. I hope you'll be a little bit more happy after reading this.

LG, remember the first time I saw you? It was almost four years back. I'll never forget how the salesman kept insisting on me buying the latest model of HP. He told me about all the features it had, and how it was the best laptop in the market. But I couldnt take my eyes off your Black and Silver sleek design. That's why I bought you. That, and also because my dad had a tight budget.

LG, I must say, you've been a great laptop. Sure, you're hard drive crashes almost every week, and you wouldnt be able to scan for viruses even if they were renamed as 'Virus'. You've forgotten how to copy CDs, and you've got a horrible habit of procrastinating. Besides, you cant remember what to paste where...(sigh)

But, there used to be good times too. Remember those late nights, when you stayed up with me, just so that I could finish the first posts of Laptop Diary? Of course, that was before you're F's and T's stopped working...

I guess I should apologize now. I'm sorry for all times I seemed rude to you, and seriously, I never meant to swear at you, but come on, crashing 3 times in an hour? That was a bit irritating. But perhaps I did hurt your feelings sometimes. One advice though. Next time you get pissed off with the owner, dont throw a tantrum and stop responding all the time. The keys Ctrl, Alt and Delete dont work anymore, you know that right?

LG, I just wanted to let you know, you're a great Laptop. Yes, I mean it. It doesnt matter how you look now, with a cracked monitor, faded keys, worn off stickers and so on. It doesnt even matter that you're slower than a Nintendo gaming console. I like you for who you are: The laptop who's battery life stays for a maximum of 10 minutes, has a memory of a jellyfish, and (perhaps worst of all) allows Viruses to play football on the Windows XP desktop Wallpaper.

Perhaps the most important thing I should thank you for, is Laptop Diary. The title of my newly reopened blog, was inspired from you. It was a title made in the spur of the moment, but the name's stuck. It's symbolic, isnt it, that you're leaving after I closed Laptop Diary. I guess it's the end of an era. The Laptop Diary 1.0 era. And on behalf of my readers, I should thank you. Dont expect them to thank you, they're got a problem with leaving comments on blogs. Still, you should know that Laptop Diary is going to carry on (as soon as I get a new Laptop), and I hope you'll be able to read it once in a while. Drop a comment if you can...

It's time for you to leave now. You'll be packed off and sent to India soon. I hope you like it there. You should, you're monitor was made in Jaipur I suppose... I cant promise I'll keep in touch, but I'm sure you'll move on in life.

Goodbye LG. I'll miss you. And you should know, I'll never forget you. It's quite hard to, after all that you've done. And yes, I dont have any regrets about you. Except perhaps one. I should have listened to the salesman...

With Love,
Your Owner,
Mohammed Musthafa.

(This is a Laptop Diary Entry. I had written two entries earlier, and hopefully, I'll be continuing these posts, every once in a while. Hope you liked it. Let me know. By the way, even if you dont comment, please rate the post (notice the stars below?). And yes, I'll be soon putting up a post titled : "Thank You, Sorry and Welcome Back". You can guess what that's going to be about...!)

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  1. glad u r bak bt sad that ur lappy is going...its so hard to split with sumthing which u have used for so long.
    n c'mon dnt blame ur lappy, every comp gets stuck once in a while..bt still they r ur very loyal frnds

  2. Mustafa, Mustafa don't worry Mustafa! You'll soon get an even better laptop Mustafa! Anyway, welcome back after a long... break. It's good to be reading your posts again. Looks like you haven't lost your touch. This one is excellent!

  3. Welcome Back buddy! :D
    Nice post...the line with the renaming to virus was really cool..
    cant wait to read more.

    P.S.:Where did u leave ur brains when u actually went n bought an LG laptop?! -.-

  4. yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........
    u r back!!!!!!
    u r back!!!!!!

    this was such an emotional post. buddy, i kno hw it feels. i love my compy too. and even though othrs hav way too advancd stuff than mine and takin into the fact that my monitor usually gets fizzy... but i still love it.

    kool stuff

    hope u will keep writin

    nd do check on all the stuff u missed

  5. P.S. one very important thing and that's the fact that YOU ARE BACK

  6. i do think that the laptop deserved a bit more kinder farewell.after all it stuck it out 4yrs with u,and ur hardly the easiest person to get along with...
    welcome back.and ur next blog better dwell long on the sorry part...to compensate for the drama of the last one....

  7. he didn't do any drama anytime
    he had probs n had to leave bt nw he has solved them n he's bak!!

  8. Dude, just don't fall in love with it okay?

    I had to bid farewell to my Compaq Presario too...but I'm not complaining; just two days ago I ordered for a brand new Dell Studio15.
    Its awesome, you shld really check it out!

  9. hey owner,
    nice to read dat u miss me. i m sure ull b enjoyin with r new lappy. i m now dead...simply called E-WASTE. I m writin dis thorugh allah'z computer..pllzz..dont tell him..coz hell send me 2 hell

    Your laptop,