25 May 2009

Thank You, Sorry And Welcome Back

I''ve tried to get a good introduction to this post, but nothing's worked. So I'll get straight to the point.

More than a month ago, on 15th April 2009, I decided to write the last post of Laptop Diary. My intention was to close down the blog once and for all. Why?

That's the tough part. There were many reasons, the biggest of which was my studies. I wasnt excatly coming out with flying colors, and I thought perhaps shutting down the blog would help. Wait, that sounds lame.

Well, the second reason was that I couldnt actually think of anything good to put on the blog. The more careful readers would've noticed how the past few posts of mine didnt quite have the punch. Heck, it basically didnt have anything. And any blogger will tell you how demoralising it is to know that you're on a continuous streak of poor posts. I knew some readers liked the blog for the earlier posts. So why ruin their interest eventually. Might as well quit while I'm still appreciated.

So, with all these thoughts in my mind, I wrote "One Last Story". And almost immediately after I published the post, I regretted my decision.

The comments I receieved, to put it mildly, were heart warming. I had expected people to comment. But not in such a manner. And strangely, I felt like a spoilt child. The kind that throws a huge tantrum about nothing at all. That's when I realised my huge mistake.

As my friend Shahbaz said, I've developed a bond with Laptop Diary. And more importantly with you guys. Without dipping into sentimentality, let me say, I decided to restart blogging. But I needed time for two reasons. One, I still had to pull up my grades. And second, I needed some new material to write about.

Also, the unflattering comment by Anonymous, who accused me of carriying out a publicity stunt, pissed me off. I hope that person is reading this : I really didnt mean any publicity, and I apologize if it seemed that way.

So what now? Well, I've decided to say Thank You. Thank You - to all my friends who tried telling me not to stop blogging. To my fellow bloggers, who tried their best to encourage me to go on. I started this blog in August last year for myself. I'm restarting it for you guys. Only a really thankless jerk would stop blogging after reading your comments. A huge thank you.

I also want to say Sorry. Sorry if I seemed a little too stupid, a little too foolish, a little too hasty. I didnt mean it in any way.

And finally, Welcome Back. Laptop Diary will be regularly updated, and hopefully, you guys will keep up with your comments.

It's time to make up for 40 days of not blogging.


  1. you gotta be telling us..buddy..

  2. not a prob dude.every1 makes mistakes..but its gud to be bak..remember the prodigal son in eng...n abt that anonymous person..only ppl hu themselves want publicity write such comments abt others wanting publicity...so go on dude..keep writing..your work is always appreciated

  3. yay!!! welcome back mohammad! :) so happy you decided to continue admist everything you're facing!!! Blogosphere missed you!!! glad to see you bac...i guess it was worth the patient wait!! Thank you for deciding to continue and reconsidering your decision! :-) wont b missing another post from u!!! happy blogging!

  4. woohoo!! :P
    welcome back againn..
    increase the no. of posts per week!
    that will make up the lost time!

  5. dude i aint sure if wat im saying is right but if that anonymous didnt piss u off would u really have got back into blogging...... anyway welcome back

  6. welcome back mate...
    now that you are nack, there is nothin that actually matters coz... YOU ARE BACK!!!!! i did wait for this time.

    let's see you type some coolyo stuff then...

  7. ausome WELCUM BACK bro!!....luv to c u bak on the road....keep it goin nd ya....once again YIPEEE UR BAK!!

  8. Well Mustafa, let's just say you went on a 40 day long vacation. Welcome back anyway! Sorry I wasn't able to read and comment much earlier. Anyway, it's never too late.

    I would actually appreciate the anonymous person if he/she provoked your ego. At least it worked didn't it?

  9. welcome back maan... happy to hear from u..L:D