18 June 2009

My First Reader...

There's a story about a blogger who started his blog somewhere around August last year. He was a typical teenager, waiting to rule the blogosphere with what he had to say. Ofcourse, that's what every new blogger wants to do. This particular guy sat down and spent less than half an hour on his first post. He then waited for the next three hours. For his first comment.

For those of you who've never experienced blogging, let me tell you what receiving your first comment is like. You could say it's like a father waiting outside the delivery room, wanting to know whether it's a boy or a girl. Okay, that's maybe not the best example right now. Still, the point is, the first comment you get, is by far the most memorable one.

He got his comment, after about half a day had passed. It was just two lines long. It wasnt a very flattering comment. No, in fact, it was nothing more than a mere acknowledgement, and a mild encouragement to write more. But to the person who'd waited so long, it was a reason to continue blogging.

That particular blogger is Mohammed Musthafa. And the comment was from a guy named Rejin.

This post is perhaps a tribute. Or in other words an acknowledgement. But at the bottom of it all, it's just a thank you. Someone recently said that my blog was quite good. "A good enough fan base. Decent number of comments. You're lucky!" Yes, I was. That's when I realised how it all started. It started with a comment.

Rejin did what any other bored teenager on a Saturday afternoon could do. He merely commented on an article which he found to be slightly better than average. But the difference was he commented. He may not have been the first one to have read it. But he was the first one to have encouraged a comment craving, nervous, self doubting, potentially talented wannabe blogger.

To say that Laptop Diary is what it is today, because of Rejin, would be an exaggeration. But yes, I owe a lot to him. Not just for the first one comment. But for the interest he shows. To everyone else, he's just another reader. But for me, he's a reason I've wanted to write better, funnier, smarter. Even 'My Card House' was published partly due to him.

So here's a request to all of you. Thankfully I've reached a point in blogging where I dont have to refresh Gmail for 6 hours before receiving a comment notification. But there are many who wait. Right now. For the first comment on their blog. If you happen to read something that interests you, something that you think is worthy of appreciation, take a minute and drop a comment.

It's not a secret that I want to be a successful blogger. I want to be interviewed in newspapers. I want to be read by people in offices, and schools and homes. I want to be quoted in newspapers. I want to scroll down the page and read all the 100 comments for my post. I want all of that. But what I dont want, is to forget those few who've helped me become who I am today. Those few who are the reason I'll become what I can tomorrow. Rejin is one such guy. And for that, I would like to say a humble thank you.

P.S.: Just because he was the first to comment, doesnt mean you cant. Drop a comment please!

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  1. I must say....this is a really nice bday gift for him! =)

  2. claps to Rejin, for that very first comment which is so important in one's life! :) And, a very happy birthday too...and mohammad, a heartfelt post as usual!

  3. and oh yes, its so hard to keep track of the person who first commnted on your blog...usually, it's someone unknown...a random person on the blogosphere. Your'e lucky that it was somoeone whom you knew. And luckier still that u got a comment so soon! and hope your grat bloggin continues!

  4. Thats a great post and I liked your comaprison with a father waiting for his first child.Even encouragement is meant for those who take it in a positive manner, you took the comment for continue writing therefore the credit goes to you aswell. You're doing a great job and I hope that the laptop diary gets a lot of success in the days to come!Keep up:)

  5. :O :O
    OH. MY. GOD.
    dude u have no idea how much this meant to me. thank you man..seriously.
    n thanks for the bday wishes.
    and thank u and thank u and thank u. :D
    best post ever. period. lol im obviously biased but i love this one!

  6. so nice of u bro!.....

    n 2 rejin: i guess dis must hav been the best day ever..... dont wrry....many more awaits u in dese cumin years....

    >> "Those few who are the reason I'll become what I can tomorrow."

    must say, lovely lines.....

  7. HAHA! I'm glad you're motivated Mustafa! Keep posting!

  8. its indeed a very nice gift 4 rejin!!!!!!!!!

  9. A great post... I like the way you put it... The importance of encouragement, especially when it comes to any creative work cannot be overstated.
    keep it going man!

  10. really sweet of u!!

  11. well that was so sweet of you.

    i bet your friend is really happy!!!

  12. Musthafa,

    That was a really sweet tribute to Rejin, especially on his b'day. He really deserves it. His is the first comment on most posts.

    Glad to see that Laptop Diary is going on well.

    By the way, what happened to The Kidnappers Private Limited - the serialised novel being publised in the form of chapters. I loved the first three chapters and I thought that a new chapter will be published on every Thursday, Saturday and Monday. I mean that is what you said on the blog na?

    I know that you are in 12th and there is too much workload and all. If not every Thursday, Saturday and Monday, at least publish a chapter once in a while, just like you post on Laptop Diary.

    I hope I am not pressurizing you. But, I just love to read your work.

    Waiting for your reply (i will come back and look for it),

  13. that first hand account of a blogger's anxious beginnings was touching...it even made me make a resoluion to comment more often!pray this blog soars higher and pray you always remain down to earth,and may there be more readers like rejin...

  14. @Swati: Hehe...you're comment is the reason everyone know's it's his bday...

    @Lakshmi Bharadwaj: Thanks...yup, I'm lucky I know the guy...helped me a lot more since the first comment...

    @A New Beginning: Thank you very much for commenting regularly. Really appreciate that! Lol...I didnt think the comparison was so gud...still, thanks!

    @Rejin: Well...what can I say...you deserve it...

    @Naseef: Thanks for quoting the lines which you liked....helps me write better....

    @Zardy: Thanks dude...I will!

    @Ana: Yup, that's the general consensus....!

    @Issam: Thank you very much...yes, the importance of encouragement cant be overstated....

    @Anonymous: It was the least I could do...

    @Aersh: Oh he's happy...really happy!

    @Anonymous: THanks...yes he does...

    Coming to The Kidnappers Private Limited...well....I'll be restarting it hopefully by July 1st. Hopefully, this time, I'll only stop at the ending...

    Thank you for the interest...really helps....but could you please give your name when you drop a comment...thanks...

    @Namiya: Lol...i hope you follow that resolution..please...THanks for the prayers!

  15. luks like rejin has dun sumthin gud :):)

  16. Hey,

    I think the title of your post should not be "My first reader". Rejin might not have been your first reader.

  17. @Sreelakshmy: yup! he did it a long time ago...finally got a chance to thank him!

    @Anonymous: Yes, you've got a point. I wanted the title to be something like "For the guy who bothered...", then thought of sticking to the simple "My First Reader". It's not fully correct maybe. Still, do you know who my first reader is? Cuz I really dont!

  18. @ anonymous..i WAS his first reader :P

  19. Loved Your Honesty, Your Humility, Your Comparison to receiving the first comment(i knw hw it feels)..... loved your simple and catchy post !! Catching up on more of them !!!

  20. real sweet bro..:D