25 October 2009

10 Likes and 20 Comments

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"...Hmm, what should I do. Should I buy a 7 riyal large can of Coke...or go for two small cans of 3 riyals each? I guess the 7 Riyal can is bigger...but I dont think I'm that thirsty right now. Guess I'll go for the two small cans instead. Peace out people!"

What you just read, was a Status Update on Facebook. No, seriously. Someone actually took pains to type it all down, so that every one of his 326 friends could know what exactly he drank.

Well, there's good news and bad news as far as this story is concerned. The good news is, the fellow was quite pleased with the decision he took. The bad news....well, he began wondering whether he needed ketchup or Mayonnaise for his burger...

Years from now, we might look back and talk about how Live Updates, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut (?). What I'm wondering is...will we remember just how messed up the whole system was?

Think about it. A Status Update was originally meant to be a clever and quick way of letting your friends know how you were doing. You could say things like, "Enjoying my vacation in Venice,", or maybe something like, "Tired after a long day's work".

If that was the actual idea, I'm sure the genius who came up with the idea must be smashing his head onto his computer monitor right now. Because, obviously, things havent worked out quite according to plan, have they?

Take a look:

Arnold Webber is happy, happy, happy, happy! :)) :))
I know happiness is supposed to be contagious, but cmon, get a grip!

Thomas is in the mall! Good fun//\\Misses all his friends...Luv u guys! Stay cool...Keep rocking...Peace Out!
This, just for a trip to the mall. Cant imagine what a 2 month vacation would sound like...

Of course, not all Status Updates are horrible. There are some that actually make you think, or atleast chuckle lightly. Which is when I realised that Status Updates actually reflect real life.

The thought came to mind when I read a Status Update of a friend of mine. It was about him preparing for an upcoming tournament. Nothing much, just a status saying that he was excited. It got 15 likes, and almost 35 comments. For those of you who're not in Facebook, that's a pretty good response.

Just above his status, was another one. It was from a mutual friend who wasnt high up in the social ladder, and what he had to say, wasnt so exciting. "Life sucks....everything feels horrible...Just wish I could end it all..."

No likes. No comments. Nothing at all.

Which makes you wonder. Why is it that a popular guy's upcoming tournament is more important that another guy's potentially suicidal status update? Why dont we all rush towards him, asking what's wrong?

The answer is simple. That's how life is, most of the time. The school heartthrob could twist his leg and have the whole cheerleading squad around him. No one notices the loner in the rest room, with his wrists slashed, almost lifeless.

Of course, that doesnt mean we're all cold hearted. Why, I myself am going to update my status with a link to this post...and then wait to see how many comments I get.

It just means we're human...and sometimes, that worries me.

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  1. umm....hu's dat guy hu's gna end n all??even on my worst status ppl comment..lol..in my frnds list..every status has sum comment..except the boring 1's

  2. Theres another side to it, the one who had described his excitemnet about a tournament is more positive than the counterpart who describes death and ending life..I mean all of us have problems dont we all wana run towards the one who spreads joy.
    Talking about a loner, God has made space for everyone in this world, Life is about making your space shine so bright that it gives you happiness and makes every moment in life worth while...those who sulk....well they keep sulking!

  3. well, I'm not surprised that guy wantsa end his life. I mean he probably put that up lookin 4 sum sympathy or sumone 2 come up with one gud reason y he shudnt do it. But then with the kinda friends he has, who cudnt care less..i can't say im surprised.
    nice post btw..im totally jealous of ur writing style.And of ur blog layout.Looks classy. :-P

  4. Good post. I seldom get any comments or likes so I'd sympathize or rather empathize with the loner guy. But I don't think there's any point in publishing such suicidal thoughts unless you're fishing for sympathy. And that could be considered as very natural. Though I wouldn't bother doing that.

  5. You obviously know my opinions on these f'ed up statuses! :D
    I feel statuses are just a way of grabbing attention for the wannabe's and a way of staying with your fans for the famous.
    Bullcrap. -.-
    Nice post though.:D

  6. Its a great post man. Thanks for sharing these useful links I will check it out.

  7. "How messed up the whole thing was" is EXACTLY why I quit twitter...some two months after I joined it.

    The whole thing was so pointless I even wrote a post on it

    Regarding the facebook "likes", I guess many people simply click the 'like' when they see someone else already likes it.
    Its almost as if the first one starts the chain.

  8. Good one!
    No time for a detailed comment but this one really is true!
    Have to agree with it!