07 January 2010

Death of A Blog

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Blogging is a simple enough process, you could say. An aspiring writer types out whatever he or she wishes to share, creates a Blogger/Wordpress Account, and then simply hits the Publish button. After that, people read the blog through the Internet.

If only it were that easy. There are two kinds of people who blog. The ones who care, and the ones who dont.

I salute the ones who dont give a damn. Because sometimes, I wish I could be more like them.
There are some bloggers out there, who post poems, stories, random thoughts, philosophical musings, soley because they feel very strongly about it. For them, it doesnt matter if eight, ten or twenty people comment on it. Whether the adjectives used in the comments are 'Awesome' or 'Superb' is irrelevant to them. They had something to say. They said it. End of story.

Then comes the second kind. You can see this shameless breed every where. They're the ones who think of every possible way to get you to read what they've written. Common techniques? Take it from a pro. Post links on your friends Facebook Wall. Sure, you could've sent it through a private message. But cmon, you cant possibly be that retarded. Why would you do such a thing, when instead, you can get countless bored Facebookers to pry on what you've posted. Capitalise on other people's nosiness. It'll do you wonders.

Well, then there's the simple Status Updates. Highly efficient in my opinion. As well as tagging people in notes.

I once complained to my Sister about how few comments I was receiving on my posts. Based on 'expert' feedback from my friends, my writing was pretty decent. Which left me wondering why the comments werent pouring in.

"People have no manners today," I ranted, "They just waltz into my blog, read what they want, and then leave."

"So?" My sister asked cooly, as she used the P.C., "Why is it so important that they should comment?"

"Because...Because feedback is important for any writer." I said. God, I was good at excuses.

"Well, you got three or four people telling you what they think of what you wrote. Why should people keep repeating opinions that've already been said?"

Crap. I hate my sister's logic at times. "Well, you know, counting the number of comments is a good way of rating a post. It shows what's liked and what's not. How can I know what's worth writing if the comments dont come in?"

I'd won the argument. Atleast, I'd bluffed my way through it.

Many have asked me why I'm so desperate for comments. Well, I'll give you an example. Imagine you were to give a great speech. In a hall full of people. You know for a fact that atleast 50 people heard what you just said. And at the end of the speech, three people start applauding. Many others liked what they heard. But they just walk out of the hall without looking back. How are you supposed to feel about that?

Writers need appreciation. It's a simple fact. If that wasn't true, all of us would write books that had the title followed by "Anonymous".

The title of this post is 'Death of a Blog'. I admit its a bit of an eye catcher. But do you know how a blog dies out? The author writes posts that are, in diplomatic terms, full of unfulfilled potential. Those who read these posts, dont comment on it. Either because they dont think its required, or because its not worth commenting on. Realising that fewer and fewer people are reading what he's writing, the author begins to lose interest. Soon, the posts are put up for the sake of it. Until one day, the blog is deleted.

Today is not that day.

Since there are 12th Board Exams coming up for me, I guess I should take a break from blogging. Funny, makes it sound as though I was churning out posts every day. Still, I'm hoping that such a break will do Laptop Diary a lot of good.

One last thing. If you've noticed the sidebar, there's a widget which tells you that about 1,000 plus people have read this blog. It'd be nice if you could let me know who you are. Leave just a name and address, if nothing else... 

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  1. Absolutely right !
    All those of us who say readers/comments aren't important, are plain bluffing.
    All of us need kind words/encouragement/feedback in this lonely process of writing...
    Read your story at Indimag... beautifully written!
    Will look forward to more stories and your thoughts on college life and beyond..

  2. yes he killed them. and he should have no access to the internet. he should have to rot away in an empty cell until he is to be killed. he is a horrible creature.

  3. How much more media attention would there be if an NBA player had a death threat posted on a blog?