11 August 2010

The New Way To Hangout

This is part of a new phase in Laptop Diary, since for the next three years I'll be in Chennai. Hoping to revive the blog with stories of my college life. Let me know what you think....

There is a good chain of juice shops in Chennai, called ‘Fruit Shop’. Trust me, the juices are better than what the generic name suggests. It’s a great place to hang out, or just grab a drink to go.

One evening, a few friends and I decided to gather there. Guys dropped by in twos or threes, and soon, about ten of us were sitting around the small shop, ordering our usual drinks. Once that was done, we began talking among ourselves about nothing in particular. It took me about ten minutes, but I finally realised that something was odd.

Only two or three of us were actually carrying on a conversation. The rest? Well, I noticed that one fellow had his head pivoted downwards, staring intently into his mobile phone. He was browsing online. Others were either messaging, calling, or chatting with someone.

Now, the reason I realised this is simple. I didn’t have an internet enabled mobile.  So I did what any one in my position is supposed to do. I peeped into my friend’s mobile.

He was chatting with a friend in Pune.


-Nothin’ much. Jus chilling. You?

-At a bday party.

-Cool.What else?

-Hmm...same old. What about u?

I realised reading the menu would be more exciting than this, so I switched over. Soon, the drinks came, and we began sipping them slowly. The conversation drifted from one topic to another, and thankfully, someone began narrating a story. Those who weren’t skilled enough to type with one hand as they held their juice in the other, listened to what he was saying.

As I sat there, finishing my drink, I wondered about how weird things had gotten. Remember the days when you were a kid? You could have your group of friends around you, ears wide open as they listen to your narration of the latest Pokemon episode. Bus rides meant we’d play games, tease each other, and comment on everything that passed by our window. So when did we start having to tap on each other’s shoulders, asking for an appointment, hoping they’d yank their earphones off to hear a joke you wanted to share? Somewhere along the journey from age 12 to 18, we replaced talking with instant messaging, laughing with L.O.L, and names with email ids.

Back at the Fruit Shop, we’d finished our drinks and were about to leave. As I stepped out of the shop, I couldn’t wait to get a mobile net connection.

That way, the next time I hang out with my friends at Fruit Shop, I could chat with my friend in Qatar and tell him how, the next time he comes to Chennai, we should hang out at Fruit Shop!

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  1. Way to go bro!!!! gr8 2 knw u started this series!!

  2. Loved this post... its so true and so well written !!!

    Enjoy the journey !!!

  3. Hey...good one and true! Please carry on with your daily posts as there's gonna be one follower for sure, 'til I am not stuffed with work.

  4. This is such a beautiful post, really!!
    especially because it invokes that nostalgia and makes us question ourselves. small, but remarkable observations can tell big stories! :)
    oh yes, even i rememeber the tiems when we were younger...and there were those friends who'd listen to you. Now, it's all so differnet. Sometimes, i wonder if technology is really seperating us, in a way.
    beautiful post.
    and glad that your moving to chennai. hope you have a great time in this new leg of life and tat you really get to enjoy it back there!!!! :)
    best wishes, buddy!

  5. VIKRAM_ LOYOLA....MUSTAFA FRIENDAugust 12, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    ill take you to another fruit shop thats sells better juices. let sep5th come.:d

  6. Youve given a very importsnat message here Musthafa..I hope people realise where theyre heading in this net wiz world!

  7. A Good Thought. But does the ending suggest that you're a hypocrite..? :P

  8. @Shahbas: The ending is meant to be satirical...just proving how foolish the entire hanging out thing has become!

  9. Looking fwd to your experiences in the South... Nice to know you will be here for a longer duration.. Wish you all the best..