23 November 2011

The Wrong Kind of Pandit

A few months ago, there was a Youtube video that went viral. Not just in the conventional sense. By viral, I mean, crazy viral. It gathered a grand total of about 167 million views. To put that in perspective, one of the leading rock bands in the world, Coldplay, released their latest single Paradise, to approximately 18 million views.

A 14 year old girl from California, USA, had done the unthinkable. Or so I thought. Until my lazy internet finished buffering the Youtube video.

The effects of Rebecca Black's music video Friday have ranged from bouts of frustration and anger, to more radical symptoms such as pulling of hair, squirming of face, use of surprisingly profane words (seriously, some comments below the video border on creative writing) as well as general loss of enthusiasm to live.

The case of Rebecca Black saddened me a little. No, not just for her blarring, that's understood. But for the fact that she garnered so much attention. There is a detailed report of how her video was picked up by news channels across the U.S.A, until she had finally become an Internet phenomenon. People were busy typing her name just to see the video. Why?

Why is it that we love to see mediocrity? It's human nature, I guess. If someone wanted to show me a video of a pathetic song that was getting a lot of views, sure, I'd be curious enough to watch it. But that reveals a flaw. If we willingly or unwillingly support mediocrity, what about excellence?

Here's the video of a 13 year old girl named Maddi Jane. Her vocals are amazing for a girl of her age. Yet, there's no one talking about her. At least compared to the craze of Rebecca Black.

Perhaps its something we can change. Sure, I'm not saying we should resist watching videos that go viral. We cant help it, it's in our nature to be curious. But it should also be within our nature to promote excellence. And in an age where you can flood a thousand people's browser with links, I think its our responsibility. I know that I'd want you to promote my blog if it was good enough. The same logic holds good for everything else.

For we decide trends and styles. We decide what's good and what's bad. Pop songs grew popular because an entire generation of preteens screamed out for good looking, pop stars who made them feel special. It's in our hands. Let's make sure we promote what's best. Else we'll end up creating monsters.

Speaking of monsters, has anyone heard of Santosh Pandit? If not, let me present to you, the man who embarrasses 33 million Keralites right now. Mr. Santosh Pandit.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, perhaps these few letters will : "Silsilaa hey silsilaa"

Now that the memories have come crashing, I'll explain what I mean about creating monsters. Ever since his song Silsilaa went viral, Santosh Pandit has taken it upon himself to write, produce, direct, star, and sing in a new movie of his. It's released in Kerala a few weeks back, and now he hopes to make another movie.

Any half brained filmgoer will now that his movies are garbage. But Santosh Pandit still exists. Why? Because we paid attention to him. It's how the world works, I guess. Remember the annoying boy in class who'll create problems as long as you laugh at his antics? Well, it's time to give him a slap across the cheeks and banish him to the corner.

Because mediocrity shouldn't trump skill.

Not anymore.

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  1. dude u made a mistake...santhosh pandit didnt release 'silsila hey silsila'...he released 'rathri subha rathri'...#just saying

  2. agree with wasim..:)
    WHere are all your readers man..? :)