02 June 2012

Letter To My 14 Year Old Self

Dear 14 Year Old Me,

I know this might sound weird, but this letter is being written by your 20 Year Old version. Now, don't mock me, I'm serious. I know of everything that's going to happen to you from now till....well, now (my now - the-6-year-in-the-future-now - try to keep up). Alright, alright, don't close your Hotmail yet! I have proof. First off, the Geography project your struggling to complete right now? The good news is, Lakshmi Ma'am wont collect it tomorrow. You and all your friends are going to have till Sunday to complete it. Happy?

Good, then pay attention to me. It's not often that you get to read a letter from your future self, so better make the best of it. There's so much I want to tell you. First things first. Those pimples? Chill, they'll go away on their own. I'm serious! I couldn't believe it myself! But they do. Within two years, all of them are just gonna fade away, though if you do use that product Mom bought last weekend, your suffering will be extended by a few months.

Oh, and this is very important. Don't be a moron and start going to gym. You're a lazy ass and you will not - I repeat! - you will not continue the running and bench pressing and all the other stuffs. Save yourself the trouble of bloating up later.

Alright, the Board Exam thingy teachers and parents keep telling you about? No biggie. You'll get good marks. Damn, if only I'd saved up those question papers! Ah, anyways, you'll do okay.

Fine, now here's what I really wanted to mail you about. You may be too immature to understand, but just read what I have to say, and keep it in mind. Your life is going to change. No, I'm not talking about the class rooms being shuffled (though, on that note, yes, your class room will be shuffled, and no, she wont be sitting next to you.), I'm talking about your life as a whole.

I know right now you think the world's a really nice place. Where all that matters is talking for hours to your friends, attending school, watching movies, and planning surprise birthday parties. But it's not going to be smooth sailing. Heck, I wont lie to you, buddy. Things will get a little messy. And when they do, here's what you must remember.

Don't take anything for granted. Ever. And I'm talking about the simple stuff. Like those Pokemon cards that Mom has to keep picking up after you. Years from now you'll see a picture in Faceb - you'll see a picture of them somewhere, and realize just how much you cherish that memory.

Play football. Lots of it. Seize every chance you get to run down the pitch, and strike the ball. Because sadly, dressing up with football boots, jersey and shorts wont be possible later on, when you'll have to worry about which pair of jeans and designer shirt to wear for the next party.

Take photos. Lots of them. But remember this. Many of the photos you take will lose their meaning over the years. No, I'm not talking about the CDs getting corrupted, (though there's good news on that front - 1 terabyte worth!), I'm talking about photos losing their value.

This is what you should keep in mind the most. Till now you've grown taller, smarter, funnier. Until now every thing has been about going up - from 7th to 8th, from student to Prefect, from classmate to friend to best friend. You may not have realized it, but you've had it good so far. But now comes the tough times.

You'll make mistakes. You'll get into fights with your friends. Some big, some small. Some forgiven, some never forgotten. And slowly, some of your best memories will decay, rotting in the corners of your mind until they are forgotten completely. Familiar faces will become unbearable reminders. And that's how some of the photos you take will lose their value.

But this isnt a doomsday message. This is just a reminder. Keep your friends close. Closer than you do now. Else, if you let them slowly slip through your fingers, one day, you'll find yourself unable to make conversation to people who belonged only in your past, and not your present.

Most of all, enjoy your school life. It took me just a couple of years to realize just how wonderful those schoolbag carrying, uniform wearing days were. You wont know it now, but the little adventures you have in school, like skipping Assembly to finish your homework and then sneaking back into class along with the rest, simultaneously completing homeworks of several different subjects, standing outside class as punishment, cursing your friend for using up the excuse you'd thought of...these are the things that'll stay with you. Not the marks, ranks or percentages.

I like who you are. Try not to turn into me soon, if that's possible. And on that note, I'll let you get back to your Geography project. I lied, Lakshmi Ma'am will collect it tomorrow. Have fun skipping Assembly!

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