21 November 2008

Me and Dostana...

Let me be philosophical again...

Right now, there are two kinds of people in the world, (or atleast in India...)

  1. The people who have seen Dostana,
  2. The people who are waiting to see Dostana
Forgive me if you think it's lame of me to think so, but there's a reason.

Just yesterday, many of my friends went to see Dostana. They loved it. What was more, they actually told me how good the movie was. As if to emphasis my misery, they concluded by saying what any person in my positing would dread to hear: "Man! You should have been there! You missed it!"

The reason I missed it, is a completely different story. A really evil minded basketball player pushed me to the ground, at excatly the same time as when my ankle was twisted. Hence, my ligaments couldnt take the abuse any longer. I was to put a plaster case, (the doctor tried cheering me up by saying it was made of Fiber Glass...Wow! Lucky Me!).

So to cut a long story short....I am stuck at home, unable to venture to the theatres or shopping malls. And right now, there are three things I am praying for:
  1. The Hollywood and Bollywood Box Office Should not release any more blockbuster movies for the next two weeks, until my leg is healed (asking a little too much? I thought so...)
  2. My trusted file sharing software (Limewire and Ares) should be able to find a decent, pirated copy of Dostana (one which doesnt have idiotic cinema viewers getting up in the middle of the movie).
  3. My leg gets healed soon.
Until then, do yourself a favour. Go watch Dostana. Laugh out loud. Think of how good the movie is. And then, if you are in a really evil mood....tell me just how good it is.

Meanwhile, I'm still searching for copy of Dostana to download.....


  1. lol....im waiting to watch it too...

    maybe we can watch it together..."The Injured Losers"

    ok now that one sucked..

  2. Dude, You can watch it form here:

    Nope, that was not a spam..:D:D Nice to know you're back. Missed you.

  3. Mustafa, Mustafa! Don't worry Mustafa! I'm downloading it from isohunt.com via torrent.


    And I'll let you know if the quality is good.

  4. heya
    its just a funny movie...
    nt a must watch movie
    bt it is abt gays, so i think u myt be intrstd a lil too much