28 November 2008

My Editor - In - Chief

There are some times in my life, when I think that I'm a complete idiot.

Okay. Fine, there are many times in my life when I've thought that. Still, once such time, was two days back. Here's why.

There is a friend of mine, and as is with all such "My-Friend" stories, I'll give him a fictious name, Victor. Now this guy, is perhaps my only online buddy (since I'm strongly against being friends with people you dont know in person.) And the reason I'm mentioning him is, he's my Editor-in-Chief.

Alright, not officially or anything. I dont pay him a dime. Yet, he's the guy who's heard all my stories before they became stories. He's the guy who criticised me, and hence saved me from hearing criticism from others. He's the guy who helped me become a better writer.

And what did I do in return? I forgot to keep in touch with him, or even read his blog once in a while.

But now I guess I should make amends. And also realise that many a times, I do behave wrongly with my buddies. But it's never too late to apologize, is it?


  1. Both you and I know that the friend is not gonna take it serious.

    He'll forgive ya:D:

    And Victor name sucks...!!!

  2. lol....thnks dude....and abt the name..."What's in a name?"!

  3. by the way, dont u com online at alll??