14 December 2009

An Apartment For Rent

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A man once lived,
In an apartment for rent,
To pay for it,
Half his salary was spent.

The room was cold,
The walls were bare,
The man owned nothing,
Except a table and two chairs.

And then one day,
His neighbour asked him,
Whether they could live together,
And share the apartment.

The man said yes,
For he had been lonely till then,
Some company would be good,
And so their friendship began.

The walls were painted,
New furniture was bought,
Carpets were laid,
Fancy artworks were sought.

As the months passed by,
The man began to trust,
The new friend of his,
With his closest thoughts.

In a silver drawer, he said,
Were all his gold and money.
And beneath his bed,
Lay all his photos and diaries.

Thus they lived together,
More like brothers than friends.
Side by side they ate,
Between them was no difference.

One day he arrived,
After a tiring day at work.
What he saw before his eyes,
Crushed his heart and shattered his world.

The silver drawer was open,
There was nothing inside.
He searched under the bed,
It had nothing to hide.

As he slumped to the floor,
The man began to weep.
As he wailed in pain.
Nothing could reduce his grief.

It took many weeks,
For the tears to dry.
Still there were sleepless nights,
When he asked himself why.

Why had he been betrayed?
Why did he trust his roommate?
Was it all his fault,
Or was it just his fate?

Life became normal again,
But this time, the colours were black and white.
There was no laughter, no fun,
No more happiness in his life.

He immersed himself completly,
In building his career.
Sometimes he wished for a new roommate,
But his mind was crippled by fear.

Memories passed through his mind,
Memories of an empty drawer and overturned bed.
They robbed his sleep of dreams,
And gave him nightmares instead.

An year later the walls were lined with,
Employee of the month certificates,
Overlooking a cold living room,
Devoid of life, and filled with gloom.

That was when it happened,
The man heard the door bell ring.
He wondered who it could be,
Usually, no one ever visited him.

"Excuse me sir," the visitor said,
As the man suspiciously looked at him.
"I was wondering if we could live together,
And then, maybe, share the apartment?"

The door should have been slammed,
Onto the face of the visitor,
Not a moment's hesitation should've passed,
The man already knew his answer.

Instead the door was still open,
The visitor stood there waiting,
Should he agree or not,
The man was still thinking...

The poem is obviously a metaphor. However, it would be better if the interpretation was done by you, rather than me. Please let me know what you think.

Also, there are a few short stories pending to be published. How often should they be posted? Once in two weeks? Or very week or so?]

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  1. wooow.....luved the poem...diff frm the rest....gud theme...nd nyc way of potraying it...
    keep it up bro....waitin fer moree

  2. This was great Musthafa..At some point of time we're all this man for sure..For a simple direct meaning, I think we're always ready to give a second chance..because human nature wants love..If it happens a second time, then we know why we hav suicides and depression patients :D

    Great work! I love how well ur thoughts are directed..

    P.S. I can read ur stories evryday..definitely opt for posting 1 or 2 every week!

  3. Beautiful muthu!!..

    a very different theme ..very well written.
    This totally portrays the human nature of being selfish 4 love even after being betrayed!!

  4. Finally you finished the poem! Turned out better than what it was when i first read it for sure!:P
    Nice one man..too lazy to rack my brains for the meaning though:P
    The stories..once a week:D

  5. Well written!! u managed to convey the essence of the theme beautifully...

  6. Well written. My interpretations are at the superficial level. Sorry but I couldn't find the inner meaning.

    We all need friends to live a truly happy life. But we must be careful of whom we trust with our hearts. If we trust the wrong person, we might be left stabbed.

  7. Nice poem...Simple theme expressed in a unique way!...But I guess you're better at writing than poetry:D...

    PS: Stories...i would say 1 or 2 per week...but i think once in two weeks would be better..

  8. all poems have inner meanings but urs is not one which is easily interpreted and thts a good thing...shows the sophistiction...nice one!..nice theme too...


    hey liked ur poem very nice.intersting writing.wow it was expresive to tink.simple words to read.continue ur grt work...