01 December 2008

"What's Up With Your Hairstyle?"

One day, I was sitting in class, talking with my buddies, when one particular wiseguy stops talking, and looks at my hair (as though expecting a squirrel to pop out). After a moment's pause, he asks me.

"What's up with your hair?"

Now what am I supposed to reply to that?

"Oh, nothing. He's just pissed off with me today. He wanted me to use the conditioner instead of hair gel..."

Instead, I asked nervously. "Err...what's wrong with it?"

He looks at my hair, as though hesitant to break the bad news to me. "Well....you know...it's just...so weird!" And before I knew it, everyone else who was talking to me starts conducting a workshop on how to critically analyse my hairstyle.

Now, I do know that I possess an unbelievable horrible hairstyle. But cmon, some people just arent lucky enough. And it's not like I havent tried to correct it.

Till my 12th year of existence, I never had any problem with my hairstyle. That was because till then, I had the default hairstyle (the one I was born with). But for some reason, I decided to change my hairstyle, and from then onwards the problem began.

So what does a 21st century, television watching, self conscious boy like me do? I try to use all types of hair gels available to contain my hairstyle. And you wouldnt believe the amount of hair gels they produce nowadays.

What's the difference between Strong Hold and Mega Hold? How is Wet Look so different from Soft Look? And worst of all....why doesnt any of these gels work on my hair?

So unless they invent a new gel that has "Unbelievable Hold", or until I go completely bald, I'll still have to hear people say.

"What's up with your hairstyle?"

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  1. oops! Sorry pal! I guess I was One of those wise mouths..lol!!!!

  2. lol....maybe....but who excatly are u? apart from being a classmate of mine....pls tell me ur name...thnks for reading btw...doesnt matter if u were one of the wisemouths!

  3. dun worri...ask me to wrk on ur hairstyle..i'm goood at hair styling!!!

  4. You hairstyle doesn’t really suck. It's just not... "unbelievably attractive". Just keep a hairstyle which suits your personality.

  5. I cannot tell you who I am...though if you rack your brains a little you will recognise this classmate of yours...All the best for tomorrow caesar!

  6. Your hairstyle?? Dude...who ever said it was bad?? It is curly that is all....I think I know who said it...and I think I was there when this wokshop took place...my apologies...lol!

  7. its k k.........i mean now it not dat crazy....coz ive been wid u fr like a LONG tym...so its pretty gud now....nice u c ur frank bout ur not-so-great qualities...wish i cld do dat

  8. hey.... same problem here.... i can nevr manage ma hair....and surprisingly none of d gels( evn d strong hold ones) can regulate my hairstyl!!!!! once i got fed up and wnt for a bald look and dat was evn worse.... so its still me and my bad hair