23 February 2009

And The Oscar Goes To......A.R. Rahman!

After months of waiting, days of praying, and several hours spent without sleep, it's finally been worth the wait. He's done it! A.R. Rahman is now an Oscar Winner!

This was the most awaited Oscar Ceremony for any Indian, for where else do you see an Indian being nominated for three awards in the most talked about award Ceremony in the world?

The nominations as you all know, were these:
Best Original Score - A.R. Rahman for Slumdog Millionaire
Best Original Song - A.R. Rahman for Jai Ho
Best Original Song - A.R. Rahman for O...Saaya

And the Oscar goes to...
Best Original Score - A.R. Rahman for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Original Song - A.R. Rahman for Jai Ho

Oscar winners normally generate a lot of publicity. This time over, you can be sure a nation of One Billion people will be in a frenzy. Watch out for the newspapers and magazines. And yes, for those of you who've chosen to sleep over one of the biggest cinematic victory for an Indian, there's always Youtube...

Waiting to know your comments....and yes, Jai Ho!

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  1. yipeee!! I was banking on Rahman winning too!!! :-) Three cheers!!

  2. I'm not going to say much until I really watch the movie. I have just downloaded it.

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  4. YEAH!Great victory for A.R. Rehman! Im not going to say the movie was great...but yeah...the music rocked!!
    A.R. Rules!

  5. the movie rox..........n so does the songs!....all r awessum!.......HE DESERVES IT!........ n its a proud moment 4 each of us indians.........JAI HO GUYS!....;)

  6. A R R Rocks..

    i liked 'O...Saaya' better, think that should have won.. :P

    but was really surprised to see 2 oscars indeed ::D:D:D.. morning was Gr8! ;)

  7. yeah!...A.R. Rehman is truely great and he deserves this!....all of us in India always knew how good he was and how amazing his songs are....today the world knows he is the ultimate music director!...what i felt bad about was that Sukhwinder Singh sang this song....he also deserves to be acknowledged!....best part Sukhwinder didn't even know Rehman was performing at the Oscars!

  8. only thing i can say is

    JAI HO!!!

    i was watching this program only for them to win awards n c A R Rahman's performance...
    It was awesome

  9. Just finished watching the movie. It was not bad. I liked the songs. That's all I can say.

  10. i woke up early in d mornin to watch the live telecast nd also stayd up to watch d repeat telecast. i thnk dat says it all - abt hw eager i was for Rahman to win. dat man is legend.

    but dis is not his bst wrk. the academy should also c his other wrks lyk roza and Yuvraaj and ... and...

    m also happy dat slumdog baggd 8 oscars!!! cheerio to Danny and all d cast nd crew! espccly for Rahman saab - u finally got wat u deservd. Also for Resul Pookutty, who won an oscar for sound mixin.

    to be precise - it was jus India at the Kodak!!!! (srry to Benjamin Button - the losers!!! :-P :-P)

    also v must not forget the documentary "Smile Pinky" which too has an Indian Backdrop and got the oscar for the bst short documentary

    p.s. m furious at Zac Efron coz he cud nt pronounce the name f A.R. Rahman correctly. grrrrr!!!!

    P.s.s. u havnt read my new story