01 February 2009

My Letter to Roger...

Dear Rog,

I was told not to write a letter to you. But after what I saw on Sunday evening, I decided you needed my help. Dude, what's wrong with you? The way you cried, it looked as though you'd played your last match against that weasel Raffy. And I heard you were moaning in between your crying, that Rafael Nadal is better than you. Did you actually say that? What's wrong with you?

Okay, so he won the Wimbledon last year. And maybe he can defeat you in the French Open with his eyes blindfolded. Still, that doesnt mean you're not good yourself, does it? What did McEnroe say? You're the best in the world. Now that's a compliment, isnt it?

And hey Rog, even if it is time for you to retire, it's not like your in the dumps, is it? Atleast you're not balding like Pete, or Agassi. And the ladies really adore you, you know. You're way more cute than Rafael Nadal. But try to work on the biceps if you can. It helps.

Cheer up mate. It's not like the end of the world. And one more thing. Never ever cry like you did after losing the Australian Open. Not unless you win the Wimbledon this year (which, I should admit, is going to be hard, since Nadal's gonna be there as well). Still, take care buddy!

You're Pal from Qatar.

 P.S.: With all due respect to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, this was just a fancy letter I thought of. Besides, I really do feel bad for Rog. Poor chap! And one more thing....though transmission is supposed to suspended....I might post something once in a week or two weeks!

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  1. hey...nice...like duh!!..he's got a lot of fans...females in particular...for example me...che man..i dint like him cryin....after all he's my gud buddy na...lol..gud one muthu!!

  2. I know! You're addicted! You just can't not post. :P

    Keep posting buddy. Do it under your table(or under the blanket) if you have to.

  3. haha...i coudnt really figure out if u were on nadals side or rogers!..but yea..pretty sad he lost...
    but u gotta admit...nadals got some heck of a determination..!

  4. u'r right,federer definitely has got a lot of consolation prizes.. mayb u should fedex this letter to him...might pull him out of the dumps...

  5. from where de hell do u get such ideas??????????

  6. nice idea!.....probably roger should read this letter-he sure as he needs something to boost his self-esteem up again!.......bt yah as obvious as it is--nadal sure as hell has some awesome determination! ;)

  7. @Varsha, Zardy, Neil: Thanks guys...btw...i was orginally all for Roger, but the way the post turned out...i sounded neutral!

    @Anonymous: I myself dunno...its easy actually...jus gotta rack ur brains once a while....and wait for god's help!

    @Swati: hate to admit it...but maybe ur right abt nadal!!

  8. fedez will win agn
    he's the king

  9. kewl post buddy... i dunno if u r a real fan of roger or not... but i can tell u dis mch dat m not! simply bcoz he is a bad sport - cannot accept defeat.