24 February 2009

Brain Damage, Anyone?

Albert Einstein once said:

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.

Though I'm surprised that Einstein used a 'pretty girl' to explain the Theory of Relativity, I now realise what he meant. The past few hours made me realize how slow time can move.

You've probably been in the same situation as me. The MSN Messenger is on, but there's hardly anyone interesting to chat with. Even the fellows you normally block arent online at that time. Your Gmail Inbox is lying bare, making you feel even more annoyed. If you've noticed, the kind souls at Google try to cheer you up, by offering you stuff to read else. Bless them!

But you know you're really bored, when you've finished refreshing your Facebook Hompage a dozen times. That shows how slow time can really go. Many a times I've waited for someone's status update, as though it's a long awaited letter.

I think I should be diagnosed with Brain Damage. Since you're probably too bored to visit the doctor, I'll give you a few symptoms. Diagnose yourself and let me know.

The Main Symptoms are:
  1. Opening My Computer, and visiting all the folders you have, interchanging between Backspace and Enter keys. Even the viruses on your PC knows something's wrong.
  2. Watching the clock, so much so that after a while, it seems as though the hour hand is actually moving fast.
  3. For Orkut users, a popular method. Reading every friend's scrap book. For those who've been diagonsed with severe brain damage, there's always cross referencing, whereby they read all the conversations your friend has with his or her friends about a third friend's farewell party....(you get the point, dont you?).
  4. For Facebook users, updating your status bar every ten minutes, to let the world know....you're still bored.
  5. For the Wiki users, clicking on any article, and finally clicking every possible link....until you finally wonder what Cellular Level Pulverisation actually is.
  6. For the Mobile phone users, searching your mobile inside out, in hopes of finding secret files or folders. Some even try to beat the world top score in Snake II. Others merely give miscalls to all their contacts. And then the process is repeated all over again.
  7. How could I forget. You must be doing this right now. Visiting every album in Orkut or Facebook, regardless of whether he or she is your friend or not.
  8. For the slightly retarded, there's always the favourite F5 moment. Meaning these guys actually press F5 (the shortkey for refreshing), in the hopes of finding something new on their Desktop.
  9. For the over expressive, typing out long, list like blog posts which actually dont make much sense at all...
  10. And the all time symptom....reading completely unknown blogs (such as these), since you've dead bored.
My friend, you're definetly Brain Damaged. Well, join the club!

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  1. hehe...welcome to my life!! Except for # 5 6 and 8, everything else matches...looks like a case of chronic brain damage! :D

  2. hehe....nice post..wish i hadnt deleted my orkut...atleast i could have followed # 3 and 7!

  3. Yeah Mustafa! I used to think I have some mental disorder. But after reading your post, I think I have just confirmed it.

  4. i cud completely identify wid the orkut and d cell phone thing (pt. 3 nd pt. 6, and pt. 7)and i evn do wat u hav written abt wiki!!!!

    here r sum mor things which i do whnevr i hav nuthn els to do:
    1. open my blog nd check more any new comments though i kno dat thr wnt b any!!1

    2. search for new templates ony to reach the conclusion dat the current one is only good and thr is no need to change

    3. change the formattin but not savin those changes as i once agn feel dat the initial format was ony best!!!

    4. readin my own posts ovr and ovr agn and praisin myself for writin a stupid story!

  5. p.s. u hav not yet read my new story!!! :x :x

  6. ummm i dont do any of these stuff
    i just go out n take a coffee...
    coz fb orkut n ur blog r all regular for me

    so better go out take a coffee n start having fun wit unknown frnds

  7. nice!.........i guess all the above mentiond does relate 2 me.........except # 6 ........ :(

  8. well muthu..its really ..happening with us these days..all symptoms are positive..i am ill!!!!

  9. woho! i am totally entertained! and i am so glad to know i possess a damaged brain too :P

  10. I usually do the 5th one and now the 10th ;) .Damn! This means i am brain damaged too...
    lol Mohammed..It was a great read.

  11. haha...well expressed...xcept for d orkut part...i gt brain damage too i guess....good one!!

  12. here's a tip:
    Turn that computer off and go take a walk outside.
    Works especially well if you have a park or a woods nearby.

    Best known cure of brain damage...as well as stressed eyes.

  13. I agree with u A.R.N....best known cure for brain damage...!

  14. he he ....but you forgot one that new bloggers usually do...they visit a blog that looks popular and well written, and comment on each and every posts ever written in it.

    New bloggers such as me. (I have commented on 3 of your posts so far.)