27 February 2009

The Filler Posts

There's an oft told story about J.K. Rowling, which I'm not sure is true.

After writing four books in the Harry Potter series, all of which became best sellers, J.K. Rowling faced immense pressure from her fans, who eagerly awaited for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The pressure was so great, that the author confessed to have thought of breaking her arm, in order to escape from having to write the book. She didnt do it though, and as was feared, the book didnt live up to the hype.

I used to think that this was a fake story. Think about it. Would you really believe that a billionaire author would contemplate breaking her arm due to pressure?

That's when I finished writing "Just A Bat And A Ball". And then I realised how horrible an effect expectations can really have on you. After writing the above mentioned post, which was quite well appreciated by you, I had to follow it up with something else. The result was "Brain Damage, Anyone?"

A friend of mine, who was impressed by "Just A Bat And Ball", politely informed me that the second post wasnt up to the mark. That's when I realised what I faced. From now onwards, I'd have to write every post as good as "Just A Bat And A Ball". Or would I?

That depends upon you. Bloggers are known to be paranoid about their readers, and I'm no different. It took me about five months, to build a readership that has 32 subscribers and an average of 10 comments per post. As my friend remarked, "If you put up more posts like 'Brain Damage', you might lose your readers."

Which brings me to my topic, actually. As much as I would love to write the most funniest, thought provoking and refreshing posts, one after the other, sadly that's not possible. Sure, there are several posts coming up which are quite good. But there's a method I use for the blog. Every good post is alternated with an average post. They're called 'Filler' posts. Why am I telling you all this? Perhaps because I secretly hope that you'll forgive me for wasting a few minutes of your time once every week. And also because I'm hoping you wont unsubscribe from this blog. You've been a great audience so far.

And if ever you find my posts unsatisfying, look to the top of the page. You'll find the 'Top Posts'. Read them. They're the reason you came to this blog in the first place.

Now, if you found this post worth the time, well, thank you!

If not, as I said....it was a 'Filler' post, wasnt it?

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  1. lol.. you have loyal readers.. dont you worry.. :D

  2. "muthu such a cheap post!!!i'll neve comment on ur blog agn!!"

    wont say dat,dnt break ur heart...ur filler posts r also nyc dude
    its worth reading

  3. n yea brain damage wasnt bad
    it was nyc
    n very tru
    so huever dat its not upto the mark of bat and ball is quite....
    i wont say abt the ......

  4. Aha! Same predicament here! But I second orchid, don't worry, you have loyal followers!! ;-)

  5. I didn't find "brain damage" as a waste of time. But the title was definitely not appropriate. And yeah, it's certainly not your best. And we forgive you knowing how hard it is for a writer to keep up to expectations.

    By the way, how do I unsubscribe? You see, I've subscribed using two email addresses. I want only one particular address to receive the notifications.

  6. oh c'mon.. no one is perfect. i read all ur posts, i fail to comment coz im lazy :P. A blog should have many shades :)
    And people have different tastes

  7. i nvr found any of ur works appalin enuf to force me stop readin ur blog

    but u kno wat, to maintain ur followers, u shud read their blogs too, and u can very well start wid MINE!!!!! THIS IS THE 5TH TYM M REMINDING YOU TO READ MY NEW POST WHICH U HAV NOT YET REVIWED!!!


  8. dont alternate an average post with an excellent one.in fact dont even attempt to write an average one.write each one as though it were ur best.sure all of them may not turn out to be superb but atleast ur readers will have the satisfication that u put cent percent effort..and thats all any loyal subscriber asks of u...

  9. yea...no one can keep giving the most entertaining posts everyday man...most that'll happen is that no one will read your blog anymore...so no pressure..:P...kidding..

    damn its kinda pissing off that the one post i unintentionally inspired u to write (Brain Damage)had to be not so good...*sigh*..

  10. Dude, unless you're aiming for a Pulitzer or something...the trick is to write, and have fun doing it.

    True you write for people to read, but its not like you need to 'look out' for good topics and 'concentrate on them'.

    You do this only if its part of your job. And it gets boring writing about stuff you don't really like just because its apparently a good topic.

    (Believe me I know...I once quit a part-time writing job that demanded this) :)

  11. @All: Guys...thnks for the support and advice...guess I know what to do...will make each post as gud as possible...but I'll have fun while doing it!

    P.S.: Aersh...really sorry dude!

  12. gud thot bro!......its true in fact.....anything of too much aint worth it.......it shud b experienced bit by bit......