09 September 2009

A Boy Named Chris

The five year old boy, dressed smartly in a red t-shirt and small, black baggy pants, ran around the Business Class lounge, smiling happily.

Victor Fabiansky smiled.

A few minutes later, he was talking to the same boy. "What's your name, little fella?" he asked.

"My name is Chris, and I'm 5 years old," the boy replied animatedly. He had fair skin, puffy cheeks, floppy hair. Half the ladies in the lounge were watching him with adoring eyes.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"My name is Victor Fabiansky."

The boy ran back towards his mother, crying out excitedly. "Mother, mother, I made a new friend named Victor Fabiansky!". The mother smiled politely, trying to hide her embarrasement.

He came back a moment later. "What do you do, Mr. Fabinsky?" Chris asked, unable to pronounce his name properly.

Victor Fabiansky hesitated for a moment, looking into the 5 year old boy's innocent eyes. For a single, impulsive moment, he thought of telling the truth. Instead, he smiled again and said, "I'm a Fireman."

Chris's mouth opened wide. "Wow, you're a real Fireman?" He asked excitedly. He looked at Victor's large suitcase admiringly.

The truth was, the suitcase concealed eight separate metallic pieces, which when assembled within half a minute, produced one of the deadliest pistol in the world. The Night Hawk .50 Calibre.

Victor Fabiansky had a reputation for being one of the deadliest assasins in the world. He could fire six shots into a little girl's head at point blank range. Without blinking an eye. And he had a penchant for wearing Italian Suits.

"Where you going?" Chris asked inquisitvely.

Victor smiled as he replied. "To Hawai."

He needed to take a vacation. Especially after his last job. Suddenly, he was reminded of it all again.

Eight weeks ago, at around 11 P.M. on a cold, dry night, Victor Fabiansky had slipped into his friend's house using the spare key he always kept. Without making a sound, he went upstairs, and made sure the wife and kid were sound asleep. Seeing their faint outlines on the bed was enough. Then, he slowly made his way downstairs, and into the basement.

Victor Fabiansky had a reputation for speed. It was once said that he could kill six men in a duel, before anyone else could even fire a single shot. That kind of skill was excatly the reason he could handle Thomas Bergman so easily.

Before Thomas could even realise that there was someone in his basement, Victor had drawn his gun, standing mere inches away from the man.

"Last wish," Thomas had whispered before Victor could pull the trigger.

Raising his gun slightly, Victor looked at his friend coldly. "What is it?" he hissed.

"Spare me from a quick death. Shoot me in the gut. Please," Thomas added.


"Because I want to see my wife and kid before I die. Poison me if you want. You can be sure I'll die. But please let me see my wife and kid...one last time." There were tears in the dying man's eyes. Victor Fabiansky was said to have lost his heart after killing six children in a nursery. But for some reason, he lowered his gun and fired at Thomas Bergman's stomach. Without blinking an eye. Three shots. Just to be sure.

Just as he was about to leave, Victor saw a photo frame on the table. He picked it up and dropped it next to Thomas.

"In case they don't wake up in time," Victor said.

"Mr. Fabiansky?" Chris said for the fifth time. "Are you alright?"

"Oh yes," Victor said quickly, shaking away his thoughts.

"Is it tough to be a Fireman?" Chris asked curiously.

Victor looked at him with a sad smile. "Yes," he said. "Sometimes it's very hard."

As he saw the boy play around the lounge, Victor felt a curious sense of disappointment. Eight years of cold blooded murders had hardened his heart, or so he thought. But for the first time, he felt a sense of remorse. A feeling of loss.

"Mr. Fabinsky?" Chris asked again.


"Would you like a milkshake?" Chris asked, offering him a large plastic cup of milkshake. Victor couldnt help but feel a sense of comfort with the five year old. His cute, innocent looking face looked familar for some reason. As though he'd seen the boy before. He gladly accepted the drink, and took a sip.

"Where's your daddy?" Victor asked Chris. The boy shook his head slowly and said. "I don't have a daddy."

Victor felt sorry for the kid. And he immediately wished he'd never asked the question. Chris stared at his feet, looking lost for a moment.

"I'm, I'm sorry to hear that, Chris," Victor said apologetically. He wasn't good at consoling. He was a hit man after all.

"He went to heaven," Chris said softly, looking down, probably to hide his tears. "And before he went, he told me that one day, I'd make him proud. That's the last thing he told me. To make him proud." Tears began streaming down the boy's face, as he thought of his father.

"I'm sure you will," Victor said softly. Suddenly, he felt his throat become dry. His eyes began to water, and he was sweating profusely. Before he could say anything, it felt as though someone ripped out his stomach. Writhing in muted agony, he slouched in his seat, his legs sliding forwards towards Chris.

Victor Fabiansky looked at the boy in front of him for one last time. Suddenly, he realised why his face was so familiar.

"What's your-- What's your...father's...name?" Victor said.

"Thomas Bergman." Chris said. "And I think I've made my dad proud. Yes, I think I've made him proud," he muttered, as he walked away towards his mother, who was waiting at the entrance of the lounge...

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  1. Youre becoming better with every new story :) This one was really good as always !Keep up!

  2. *Sigh* What an amazing plot! But I knew towards the end that Chris was the son of the man who was killed. Very interesting! ^ ^

  3. Dude... this is awesome!! BTW where do you get such names as Victor Fabiansky?

  4. Classic man!
    I loved the way this was written. Though I knew who's son the kid would be. But really nice. You're getting waaaay better :D

  5. @New Beginning...thnks!
    @Zardy & Rejin: Damn...part of the point was for the son - father plot to be a surprise....guess I have seasoned readers!

    @Paritosh: There's an Arsenal Goalkeeper named Lukas Fabianski...guess that's where I got it from...

  6. u know the gr8 thing abt ur stories is that u can acutally visually see the story in front tof u whilst reading u know u could actually try ur hands on a script i would love to see wat comes out

  7. Ace story dude!
    (but I kinda guessed the kid would be Thomas's boy)

    Regardless, a fine piece.

  8. nyc plot..touching..bt much similar to:
    its lyk nearly the same idea.."remorse"
    bt the way u wrote it was really nyc

  9. hey..awesome story..enough to melt any heart...but its similar to the previous one..forgiven bt nt forgotten...n i already guessed it b4 dat d kid was thomas' son...bt anyways...good story...d names are lil 'hatke'!...keep bloggin!

  10. Your way with the story telling is really nice..:).gives a vision of the plot.

    a change in the theme required!

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  12. nice story but the idea seems familiar 4 some reason...ask me.. i'll tell u y...ASK ME ......im sure u wud have read all ur comments read vk's 1ce more visualise ....tht wes one of the probs wid mr b***** wasnt it.... now since u know tht der r ppl who visualise wht dey read.. ur running out of excusess ......6/10

  13. I expected the twist mid way but what haunts me is the fact that the way you name your characters!
    They are really named well, and they have a feel in them!
    Wish I knew those many names!
    And is the name Thomas Bergman a reference to the director "Ingmar Bergman"?
    Anyhow nice story!


  14. @VK: Hey dude....well, i never really aimed at visually creating a scene or something, cuz i was afraid it would be too detailed and boring...still, good to know! And about a script...well, thts flattering!

    @Rest: Well, I really wanted the twist to be a surprise...so I guess the story wasnt pulled off too well..
    And about the names....well, just luck i guess....after all, what's in a name right?

  15. your language is improving ... but your ideas need to be thought through before putting them into words.... a 5 year old poisoning an adult in an airport??!! ,, kinda farfetched!!! .... my suggestion is to concentrate on the finer details of the story once u come up with the idea ....

  16. Very nice story, very written and i enjoy it very much thanks for it.

  17. Do you play CS? Why do I ask? Because of the Nighthawk.

    As to the story, it was pretty good!

    I would also like to draw your attention to 'neethu's ' comment on top as well as to the spam IEDig's comment...