14 September 2009

What About The 'Other Guy'?

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"What about the other guy?" I protested.

"Oh, just shut up," my friends replied in unison.

It all started when we decided to watch an English Romantic Comedy. Dumb choice, was what I first thought. But then something struck me as odd...

The plot of the story was that there was a guy named Robin, who loved a girl named Jenny. Jenny however, has a boyfriend named Tim. So the entire story is about how the hero tries to woo the heroine. And believe it or not, it actually works! (Yah, I was just as surprised as you!). So with a matching soundtrack, the credits start rolling. And the movie's a success.

Or is it?

What about the 'Other Guy'?

In the case of this movie, the 'other guy' is Tim. Personally, I was rooting for Tim from the beginning. He seemed like a good enough guy, and there was no reason why Jenny should leave him for Robin. But then Jenny gives the explanation. Tim is not as funny as Robin. He's also not as caring, or as loving. Nor does he have that same sense of crazy enthusiasm. As though it's a fault of his, Tim is a quiet, reserved kind of guy.

So Jenny decides she's much better of with Robin instead, and everyone in the theatre hall applauds. Well, except me.

Because here's my problem. I'm happy if I get to go through life as Robin. But what if I'm Tim instead? What if I'm not the funniest, smartest, sweetest guy? What if...I'm the 'Other Guy'?

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  1. Hmm point...each human being has a different personality, and each one is distinct in their own special way...if theres Jenny for Robin..theres someone much better for Tim..theres no need for Tim to be sad :)

  2. the thing is buddy , theres always a chance that at one point in our life we will all be a tim. Truth is people seek out something in a relationship. Most of the time, they do not know what it is that they want and believe that what they have is what they want...most of us forget that its easy to be charming and witty and 'exactly what I want' when it is not in ur hand, sleeping in ur bed , in ur face all the time or keeping up taking care of u when u r sick....

    people are like that...perhaps robin too will become a tim when jack comes along....most of the time in this pursuit of happiness theres always some collateral damages...

  3. 5 stars for the thought. Whichever movie it was. I understand what you mean, Mustafa. Noted for future reference.

  4. Hey Musthaf,and whom would you prefer among a tim's type girl who loved you and a new girl you found who made you cheerful,was smarter and quickwitted??please do answer..

    I guess these days people opt what makes them happier..?!

  5. so what if u r Tim ? there will always b people who appreciate u for who u r.. just hang out with them ...

    Jenny might have felt Robin's personality matched her's better than Tim's .. similarly Tim will find someone who suits his nature ...

  6. I would also like to add the fact that Time definitely deserves someone much better than one who who would dump him for anyone else. He might have been heart broken at the end. But it's probably all for the better.

  7. Crap can't believe I missed this post.
    Ahh that thought has come to me quite a lot too :D But there will also be the people who don't care if you're funny or whatever man. They like you how you are. For the slightly dense, I meant friends. :P
    Really cool post man! Loved it.

  8. Hmmmm... the Mr. Nice guys are always good for becoming the so-called "rakhi brothers". I have witnessed so many such incidents.

    "Oh! We are such good frnds. Why can't we remain as such all thru our lives".... This is the most common sentence these guys ever listen.

  9. You think that Tim has only that girl as an option?
    What about Millions of other girls outside man?
    Be optimistic, if not one, you will surely find another, if not you, let it be Tim!

    A wise post tho :P

  10. Bro.. check this out..


    I have a surprise for you

  11. umm its her choice..u cant force her...n its gud for Tim nw...he can may have a better company

  12. Nice thought written, I enjoy this post very much. There are no need for Tim to be sad....