10 January 2009

My Family Pack

A few days ago, I called my buddy, only to find out that he was not at home. Over an hour later, I again called, and he pantingly answered the phone.

"Where on earth were you?" I asked, slightly annoyed.

"Dude, I was at the gym. Ghajini has really inspired me to work on my abs. I'm doing Ab Crunches every day..."

I did not know it then, but it was the beginning of a wonderful adventure...

For the next few days, I kept hearing about how good the exercises were. Then something convinced me to try it out for myself. Perhaps it was the little fact that : Abs were the most attractive part of the male body.

"Dude," I finally told him, "what do you think? Should I get an eight pack, or is a six pack enough for now?" I couldnt hear his reply, since he began howling with laughter. Pessimist, I thought. I'd get a six pack for now...

With complete dedication, I set out for my local gym. I approached the Gym Instructor, and told him, "I would like to develop abs." It was like asking for a bottle of strawberry milk at a department store.

The Gym Instructor observed me from top to bottom, and his lips twitched slightly. I think they teach the Instructors to remain polite.

He took me to a bench, which was slightly curved in shape, and had a bar at one end. I was supposed to lie down on the bench, with my ankles below the bar. Then, just as he illustrated to me, I was supposed to lift my upper body, till I could touch my uplifted knees. I hope you understood.

After saying a small prayer, I lay down on the bench, and was about to start my 6 pack ab campaign, when the Instructor told. "Three sets, okay?"

"Sure," I said, with a smile.

Now, have you heard a pig grunt? Seriously, have you? If you have, then you'll be able to understand the kind of sounds I produced when I did the exercise. I know for certain that they were unbearable, since an old man who was walking on a treadmill, increased the volume of the television.

After I was done, I lay down triumphantly on the bench, my till now undisturbed tummy, completely exercised. "I'm done coach!" I said.

The Instructor's lips twitched again. In fact, he placed his finger in his mouth, and bit hard so as not to laugh. "No, no," he said, almost choking, "you did three repetitions. Ten repetitions make one set. Like that, you should do three sets."

The next day, when my buddy called, I was busy devouring a KFC bucket.

"So dude, how's your exercising routine going?" he asked, panting as usual.

"Err...actually, I'm stopped for now." I said.

"Really? But then, what about you're six packs?"

I paused, thinking of my reply. My eyes caught the label on the KFC bucket.

"For now, I'm happy with my Family Pack..."

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  1. lol...family pack rocks.. the rest is an illusion and so temporary..

  2. it's nice..i had a hearty laugh!!

  3. haha....hot title man...nice post..

  4. haha
    nyc muthu

    i'll lyk to have a family pack too!!

  5. LOLz.... i luvd ur title nd i luvd dis article even more!!!!!

    it seems dat... sattire and humour r ur forte...invest it dude... it will work wonders

  6. too true, family pack gives u one big pack to be happy about..:P
    luvd this one, keep it up..!!!

  7. dude awesome poems
    will u check mine too?


  8. LMAO! Good one! Actually, I too was planning on working on my abs. Is it really that hard? Darn! :(

    Anyway, Mustafa we still like you, abs or no abs!

  9. LMAO,good one! Don't worry Mustafa, we still love you abs or no abs.

    By the way, I too wanted to build some abs. Is it really that hard? Darn!!!

  10. lol
    n with ur at 8 schedule of sleeping
    i dnt think u'll be able to do dat prams

  11. sam aka retired stuntsmanJanuary 21, 2009 at 6:29 PM

    i lyk da old mann bit of bit overall its a pretty funny 1.........

    ("1" of ur betr attempts :) lol

  12. lol
    every1 lets support mustthafa in getting 6 packs!!
    lets start by hitting on his stomach
    he'll get sum abdomenal punches

  13. hahah...i liked this a lot...family pack...lol..gym aint tat gud...same thing happnd with my bro..he ended up with a KFC family pack..jus lyk u...hehe

  14. LOL - n i really mean it!!

  15. If thats a Family Pack, I'm Like an Entire Carrefour! LOL

  16. nyc joke robin... buahaha:) :P

  17. Thats exactly how I feel...ROFL... lovely post