26 January 2009

From Scraps To Walls...

A few months ago, I met a couple of my childhood buddies. After hanging out for a few hours, we parted with that classic 21st century line, "Dude, pass me you're email Id, we'll keep in touch!"

"Hey, do you have a Facebook account?" One of them asked me.

"Yah, I do, but I dont use it now. I'm there on Orkut though."

"Oh," they said. "Oh". That was all. Two minutes later, they were gone. My friend who'd watched all this, looked at me as though I'd become retarded. "What's wrong with you? Who on earth uses Orrkutt?"

That's the way he pronounced it. As though it was some tribal leader's surname. "Firstly, it's Orkut. And what's wrong with it anyways?"

I didn't know it then, but it seems there are three - well, four kinds of people in the cyber world. The ones that use Facebook. Then the ones that use Orkut. The third type are the ones don't use either. And finally, the last kind are people like me, who log into both and don't know which side to pick.

After that horrible encounter, (those friends didnt bother to get in touch with me again), I decided I needed to pick a side.

Sure, my loyalty should have lay with Orkut. That was the first site where I actually wrote about the things that would be found next to my bedroom (dont know why they ask that.) I spent a week figuring out what kind of a build I was, and what I'd except from a first date. After all that hard work, I had to spend (just like most of you sly fellows), a lot of time in order to increase my scrapbook. It was fun actually. In the beginning, getting a scrap was like receiving a letter by post.

What happened then? A friend of mine decided to show me how much better Facebook was. Thankfully, he failed. Why? Becuase within a day of entering Facebook, I was getting poked, hugged, kissed (yes!?), slapped, and given all types of gifts and drinks. They had stuff like 'Are You Spoiled?' requests.

Finally, after about six months of detesting Facebook, I realised the truth. Even if I was caught by Somali pirates and stuck in a cellar, all I'd really need was Facebook. Ofcourse my status updates would be gloomier than normal. And my photos wouldnt have any thing worthwile to tag.

A friend's friend had a headache. She wrote it in her status update. It may surprise you, but I was the one who adviced her to get some medicine. See how amazing Facebook is?

Frankly, I've changed camp. I cant stand Orkut now. I'm suffering from Orkut-to-Facebook-Exchange-Hangover. It's been happening to a lot of people lately.

Take my advice, and give Facebook a try. You should probably stay away from the applications and requests though, or else you'll find yourself poking someone for no reason.

One last thing. I'm sure you've got this feeling yourself. Doesnt it seem as though the only thing Orkut Buyyokoten (the founder of Orkut) does is, log into his secret Facebook account everyday, and note down all the new features in it, before ordering his own software guys to come up with a cheaper, less dazzling version of it for Orkut?

Even if that's not true, I'm not going to scrap you anymore. Check you're wall for my writings...

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  1. lol..the title should have told what was it about..:) i loved the poking, kissing, hugging, drinks and gifts and then are you spoiled request...ROFL...

    never looked at Facebook from this angle..amazing writeup..keep it going... :D

  2. i may using facebook a lot nwdays, but ill never give up on orkut :D.

    even though the changes irritate me, orkut will always be orkut. Fb has

  3. I had the same problem initially. But since there's been a orkut-to-facebook of migration, I'm having to log onto both occasionally. Much as I don't like Facebook, I'm going to have to use it more often than Orkut. No point visiting a place where nobody responds. So see you too on Facebook?

  4. 'Tribal Leaders Surname'...LMAO!!
    and i think in the 6th paragraph theres a mistake..

    nice post though..

  5. @The Pink Orchid: Thanks for the encouragement...hope i keep improving the posts!

    @Shimmer: Good to know you're staying loyal. You didnt complete your sentence though. Fb has...?

    @Zardy: Yup...more on FB now...

    @Rejin: Glad u liked it....and thanks for pointing out...the mistake's corrected now...

  6. kool piece...
    lemme b honest - i am a person who kinda lives in orkut. i hav a facebook account but i nevr likd it. mayb it will take tym. let's c

    i thnk its tym u write another story although your articles on daily life expiriences are great. Its jus dat m more of a "story guy".

    keep updatin me... i lyk readin ur posts

  7. facebook or orkut
    u gotta be on on both
    coz dats the way
    and u gotta keep up with the sway
    dunno wat i said!

    stil facebook rox n orkut is for other reasons gud!!!

  8. hehe!....no wonder i see you soo often on facebook these days!.......n yah liek rejin said--de tribal leader surname!...hehe!......ur sense of humour n thoughts are awesome!

  9. I guess I'm not one of the 'believers'.

    I discovered orkut a long time ago and more recently facebook...and somehow the confort factor's keeping me on orkut.

    And the other thing is demographics.
    As far as my friends go, Facebook is full of my old buddies from high school...while the guys from college and work seem to use only orkut.

  10. BTW....I detest facebook myself. Besides of late i'm getting invitations to all sorts of networking sites like wayne, gazzag blahblah....
    I'm a loyal orkutite myself.

  11. i think the initial facebook-hesitation is pretty common. I log onto both but more into fb now.. now tryin to make the transition frm fb to Twitter!