08 January 2009

"I Dont Believe In Best Friends"

Here's an interesting question:

How many of you, have heard one of your friends say, "I Dont Believe In Best Friends"?

Better still,

How many of you have said, "I Dont Believe In Best Friends?"

Now I'll tell you why I thought of this topic. I know of three people who have told me, that they dont believe in Best Friends.

The first guy who said it, had his own reasons. Which werent much actually. All he had to say was this: Why have a best friend, when you can have so many close friends?

Sounds pretty logical doesnt it? Not so much, when I realised, he's never had a best friend. So how does he know how it feels? He doesnt. Then doesnt make much sense in arguing the way he did, does it?

The second guy, also had his reasons. He said: Oh, its all so lame. Calling someone your best friend. And then if that person leaves for higher studies, or changes schools, you'll have to bother yourself with finding another best friend. It's all crap.

I actually believed this guy. Until I found out, he had a best friend, who left to India for higher studies. That still hurts this guy. Which pretty much explains his pessimistic attitude.

Then the third guy, was quite stubborn about his principle. He didnt believe in best friends. Said that it was all a waste of time, and that it was better not to get so close to anyone. Why?

Because the third guy, had a best friend. Until the two of them had a bitter fight, and split. Never to talk again. I dont blame the guy for thinking the way he did. But that doesnt mean he's right, does it?

I'll put it this way. If there's anything life has taught me in my minute 16 years of existence, it's this: What's life for, if it isnt shared? Who cares how happy you are, unless you can share it with someone? What does it matter if you cry, if there's no one to wipe away your tears?

I've had the best days of my life, with my best friend. I'm sure most of you'll agree that it's the same for you. And for the pessimists, I'll say this: Take a chance. Try it out. Reach out for someone, and experience what it  feels like to have a best friend. There's no harm in trying, is there?

Besides, I guarantee you'll never regret it...

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  1. sure there is nothing like having a best friend.. you are never alone...

  2. Best Friends are tough to find but when you do, you feel really elated and special. But it is always good to have a volley of just "good" friends, because trust me, all are not lucky when it comes to finding the perfect friend, who shares your feelings, secrets and all that. Then again, thought provoking article!good topic!!

  3. The way you express your thoughts is just beautiful.......Best Wishes!!

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  5. Best friends are hard to get, and even tough to maintain, but they are sumthin one shud neva miss

    i disagree wid the part where u/ur frend says frndship ends wen they move away. no matte hw far u are the frndship always stays in tact, thats the beauty of havin a bst frend, werever they are.. they are always there fr u :)

    heehe.. srry fr the essay.:P

  6. i agree with the first guy...or what the hell...is that me??!!
    yea i know what u say is a point....maybe i just havent had the luck yet to have a best friend...but im happy with the bunch of close friends that i have :)

  7. Hey! I agree with you mustafa! I think it's good to always have one best friend. Even better than having a lot of great and close friends.

  8. no yaar
    u shud never keep only one best friend
    i kno its easy to manage 1
    bt i think then ur ideas will nt diversify
    u shud have as many as u can make