06 January 2009

Dont Swear, It Ain't Kool!

Perhaps what I'm about to say, might sound kiddish. You might even wonder if I'm a sixteen year old after all. But that's how it's been for the past four years of my life.

Whenever I tell someone, "Dude, dont swear!", he or she looks at me as though something's horribly wrong. And why is that?

I personally believe that swearing isnt good. No, not just because my teachers and parents told me not to. But because I dont see why people have to swear.

Many of my friends have asked me to grow up. So I wonder: How is it that swearing is directly connected with growing up? Do I have to swear, just because I've turned 16? What sense does that make?

Dont get me wrong. Although I say all this, you might find me swearing, sooner or later. But swearing out of complete anger and frustration, is different from swearing for style. Perhaps its the movies, or perhaps how we see ourselves. Suddenly, unless we add the adjective F*** before every possible verb or noun, you aint cool no more. Doesnt make sense to me.

Sure, I'll probably keep telling people to stop swearing. And they'll probably throw me those 'Oh-my-God-what's-wrong' looks.

Perhaps they'll learn someday. Maybe that day will be when they swear in front of their teachers, and get in trouble for it. Or maybe much later, when they swear in front of family friends or relatives. Maybe even in front of their prospective employers. That time, they'll know what they should have known much earlier.

"Dont Swear, It Ain't Kool!"

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  1. first of all, this post has come after a long long time.. i was waiting for an update from your blog..especially after that "bucket list" ..
    and secondly. i second you- swearing ain't cool.. anytime anyday!

  2. and yup i would also like to add an observation:
    no one starts swearing on their own, they swear seeing someone else, someone else who according to them is cool and is thus followed (copied) and ultimately they too get added to the wannabe "cool" gang the moment they swear for anything and everything...
    the worldly ways i tell you..

  3. dude... ithot u almost forgot that u hav a blog!!!
    but nevr mind
    liked this post. its original and nice confession too!!!! v all hav a kiddish property within us. like i still keep those hot wheel cars i used to play wid as a kid evn tho m 17 yr old now. most of my frnd laugh at it.

    and i luvd d last part, where u r actually forcin others to subscribe to ur blog and follow it!!!!!!
    btw i hav already subscribed to ur blog nd m also followin it.

    new story in my blog


  4. new story in my blog


  5. hmm..duno wat to say for this post...

  6. gud advice i;m tryin ta kick da swearin habit myself *******..............................lol :-)

  7. One of my new years resolutions this 2009 is to quit swearing. I'm trying to keep it just the way I did 4 years ago(before I started swearing for the fun of it).

    By the way Mustafa, since you wrote this topic, I'd like you to listen to "Hotdog" by Limp Bizkit. ;)

  8. lol
    wats a life w/o swearing dude
    bt ppl shudnt take it crzly
    or nt use it for the sake of it
    n even u shud kno hum o use it onn

  9. right on bro...excellent topic.conversations are so much more easier on the ears when they arent peppered every now and then with swear words....

  10. well evn im in de anti-swearing group!
    bt thruóut the time i read this post--there was only 1person i was thinking off!......n if u r reading now--fr gods sake stop swearing!

  11. even i think nw its high time i shud stop swearing
    bt i dunno y i cant n also i dunno wats wrng in swearing
    though i support swearing bt i think i gotta shut off coz of peer pressure