17 January 2009

Laptop Diary Entry : "What's Wrong With You?"

Dear LG,

I think it's about time that I wrote another diary entry. Seems to me that you're kind of pissed off with me. Why else is it that every time I try to upload something onto my blog, a pesky little virus starts running around? Dont blame Norton Anti Virus for that. The chap's been updating himself since the day he met you. Obviously you're the one with the problem.

What is it? Is it because you think I'm ignoring you on my blog? True, when I began this blog, it was primarily to write diary entries to you. But LG, try to understand. Things have changed now. I have loyal (alright, at least passively interested) readers for my blog. And I don't think they like these kind of Laptop Diary Entries. And one of them already thinks I'm a little loose in the head. How do you think he's going to react when he hears about your and my relation? Who else in this world actually writes diary entries to his laptop?

Fine, I'll reach a compromise with you. If you allow me to get back to work on my blog, I promise I'll write to you every Saturday. In fact, I'll tell you all about my blog, and what's happening around me. It'll be fun. But please, for the love of god, get those Trojan idiots back into Quarantine. Or else you're really going to be in a mess.

So hope everything's sorted out between us. I have to get back to updating the blog every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Till then, hope you'll stay happy.

And one more thing. Since you have pretty much nothing to do in the mornings when I'm at school, cant you do something about the 'P's and the 'S's? They've almost sunken into the keyboard. And ya, you should really do a disk cleanup once in a while. You're hard drive is a bigger mess than my room.

With Love,
Your Owner,
Mohammed Musthafa.

This is my trademark 'Laptop Diary Entry'. Hope it's good enough, since I plan to post one every week. If it hasnt been clear already, I've taken my dear Laptop as a character (with a little too much of sensitivity, I should add), and this blog is essentially for me to communicate with him. Through the Laptop Diary enteries, I'll talk about my blog readers, what's happening around me, and so on. Dont worry, there'll be regular normal posts as well. Do tell me if this is a good idea. Thanks!


  1. its a good idea and a unique one at that...keep it coming..

  2. hehe...nice one....whatz up with the 'relation between u and the laptop' n all? :P...muthu at his *happiest* best..[considering the laptop is a guy]

  3. something unique....God one!!

  4. lol
    even i have a loyal comp
    which helps me overcome my sadness all the tym
    so i can understand u n ur lappy thing

  5. Anything you do Mustafa, it's up to you. I trust that your ideas are bound to rock.

  6. nice one!
    n dint wry u r nt de only one who writes diary entries at times on the laptop!......onlt diff is dat i never write them thinking they r laptops--bt still !:P