23 January 2009

Thanks For The Memories

For those of you who hate my philosophical musings, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, what I'm going to say now is quite philosophical. The good news is....you'll probably like it.

Last Wednesday, my classmates and I went to the Sand Dunes as part of our annual picnic. The details arent necessary, since most you already know everything about it. But there was a catch in this particular picnic.

We werent allowed to bring cameras (the school had its own valid reasons, it seems). Nor were we allowed to bring Mobile Phones (that too, for a reason). In fact, we couldnt bring anything that had a motor or used even one watt of electricity. Not surprisingly, the school had its reasons.

Now the question was this. What on earth were we going to do in a picnic, where we didnt have Ipods and Sony Cameras? What good is it if there arent mobile phones in our pockets?

The pissed off mood amongst me and my friends, almost lead us to drop the idea of going for the picnic. But somehow, everyone decided to go anyways. It would suck, 'to the core', as one of my friends rightly pointed out.

Well, surprisingly, it didnt.

In fact, it was a whole lot of fun? You want to know why?

I wouldnt be able to pin point the reason. All we did, was play football or rugby in the beach side, build sand castles (some pretty good ones, I must add!), and finally, walk up and down the sand dunes. We didnt even get buggies to ride, for god sakes!

So who's responsible for making the trip fun? I think it's the guy who lunged onto me when I was playing Rugby. Or the guy who helped me build a fine sand castle. Perhaps the credit goes to the fellow who pushed me down the sand dunes. Better still, it goes to the guy who helped me chase down the guy who pushed me in the first place. How can I forget the guys (and girls) who sang along to my horrible, musically challenged singing? And what about the sixty odd fellows who stomped their legs and clapped their hands to the tune of 'We Will Rock You!'.

Wait a minute, I just realised what made this trip fun. You. You and Me. We made it fun. Because 'fun', as we teenagers call it, isnt provided by Apple Inc. or Nokia. It's provided by our friends. Sure, it would have helped to have a music player. But singing out of tune was way more fun. A Buggy would have made it easier to climb the Dunes, but I'd never miss the chance to roll down the sand with my buddies.

I could go on now, but time (and patience) is of the essence. If there's one thing 21st January, 2008 taught me, it's this: Life's best moments are the ones that you share with your loved ones. In this case, you guys!

With Love,
P.S.: Thanks for the Memories

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  1. hey nice one....!!and ya ur welcome...coz u thnkd me for the memories...hope i gave u atleast one..lol

  2. heyy.....i noe....v had such fun dat dayy...my 1st awsome day of 2009!!!...i jus wish to rewind d tym a bit...bt alas!...lets rather cherish what had happened....dat day was awesommee....fun-filled memoir fo mee!!!...n thnx 2 u tooo...:D

  3. very tru mushtafa..evry bit wot uve writtn is rite...v all thot the trip is gonna suck witout elctronics..but thn v realised tht v havin frends wit us is the BEST!!they r a blessin to us..
    they mke evrything njoyable..evry moment memorable..

  4. we had so much fun ..!!!
    building castles ..spying on your castle!!lol
    burying ppl in the sand ..
    its just coz of all the people who came and made it so much fun!!

  5. umm i seem to agree wit u
    coz if technos were there then every1 wud plug their headphones in n lsn individually to their own songs bt w/o it we njoyd
    bt bcoz of no technos we cudnt take any pics n save sum memos physically
    so i still cant agree wit no mob or cam policy

    bt hey muthu
    ur song sukkd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yeh i heard all the fun u guys had widout anything bt frnds!!.....looks like it was good dat the skool had its won reasons or else u wud hav been behind ur mobile chking videos the whole time which might have probably poilt a few ppl's fun! :P.....glad u guys enjoyd!.....n ITS 200-9!!

  7. I couldn't agree with you more on your article. It was a wonderfully sandy,musical day for all of us to remember. You don't need technology to have a fun trip,just friends will make it memorable....we need to half-thank the school for their"no mobile-camera-ipod-" rule...lol!
    Let's hope the next trip is this good...or even better!!

  8. Thank YOU Mustafa for your wonderful idea of building a sand castle. I think that was the best part of the day. The next was all the fun, laughter and noise we made on our trip back(I mean singing). And of course, burying Govind in the sand was great fun. And yeah, we rocked the trip!

  9. bt next tym me bringing my cam or mob by any method

  10. mashallah, amazin stuff u gt