15 August 2008

A Blogger - Mind of a Visionary, Heart of a Wannabe

Dear Whoever,

I've finally got my first comment. Wow, this blog is just 4 hours old, and one guy's already commented on one of my posts ( the rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves!). It's good to know atleast someone's reading....

By the way, all comments are welcome. Even criticism, though it's better to stay anonymous if you're giving any. Which brings me to my topic.


Almost any idiot can blog (how do you think I ended up here?). And again, almost every blogger wants his blog to be the most popular one. Now, I wish the NDTV reporter would, for once atleast, say, "...For more on those news and all our latest updates, please visit www.laptopdiary.blogspot.com - Oops, sorry!"

That five second publicity would be enough! Alright, back to reality. Most people who blog have a lot to say (I didnt include my name in the list.) But the problem is, how do you get people to read what you've written?

I got a few ideas of my own. I scream about my blog in my Orkut display name. Even paste it in my MSN Messenger Name. When that wasnt enough, I wrote a scrap to myself (yuck, how much cheaper can I get!), in which I said to the whole world where to find my blog.

I'm thinking of convincing my dad to get us an answering machine. Hopefully, without him knowing, I can record the message, "Hello, you have reached Azeez residence. After leaving your message, please do visit www.criesofateenager.blogspot.com. Thank you. And by the way, please comment!"

Sigh....I dont think my Dad's going to allow that. Which just proves my point. At heart, every blogger is a Wannabe. Including me. (Hey! That rhymed!)

And as per Rejin's advice, I've decided to drop the military style 'Over and Out'. Hmm....let's see...

"Adios Amigoes"(?)


  1. yeah yeah.. pretty much the truth.. one more thing..
    ur frnds adding ur blog address into thier blog dsnt help either... they have to have good readers.. and even if they have it.. those frnds wont bother to go thru ur frnd's blog..:d
    angayannel njan enne rakshapettene..??