15 August 2008

Meeting Mummy (For the Third Time...)

Dear Reader (Do I always have to start like that?)

A few days ago, me and my friends went to see the third instalment of The Mummy. Although a much better movie, The Dark Knight was playing, we decided to watch the Mummy, since some of us had watched the crazy Joker's antics already.

We all went into the theatre, fully aware that Jet Li's Mummy act was panned by the critics. I have a nasty behaviour of checking Rottentomatoes.com (a movie review site), and they gave the movie a very poor rating. In fact, while the trailor was going on, I could mentally picturise the entire review that I read the day before.

And guess what? The movie wasnt bad. It wasnt the all time greatest movie. But it wasnt bad. It had action, romance, comedy, hell a lot of special effects. It was what we Indians call, 'time - pass' movie. Still, the time passed very qucikly.

I realised something as I came out of the theatre. If you have a really low expectation of a movie, you'll somehow end up being surprised. Which brings me to my next theory. I'm thinking of spending about a week reading the most critical reviews of Love Story 2050. After that, perhaps the movie will seem less horrible than it actually is?

I can hear you all say..."Nah!". I agree. Some movies, are just horrible. No matter how less your expectations are....

Over and Out.

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