17 August 2008

Singh is Kinng - Movie Review

I must admit that I have a prejudice against big budget, 'Masala' entertainers. Which is why I would have never wanted to watch Singh is Kinng. But I did. And I've changed my opinion about the movie a bit.

First, let me tell you what I thought Singh is Kinng would be like. I thought it would be a silly movie, filled with cheesy jokes, over the top action that didn't make sense, too many songs, James Bond like style from Akshay Kumar, and so on.

Now let me tell you what I saw. The movie isn't a masterpiece. Even the director himself would willingly agree. The question is, does it entertain? Hell ya!

The movie is funny at places, though not the kind which makes you roll on the floor. Yet, what I really appreciated about the movie, is that it doesn't bore you. Even when Akshay Kumar is showing his antics, you want to watch. You don't look at the floor, or stare at your watch, wondering if the time will pass more quickly. That's a great plus point.

And something that surprised me about the movie, is its presence of a heart. I mean, as I said, I knew the movie would entertain. But give a moral at the end? That's exactly what the movie does, though again, it sounds a bit melodramatic and preachy.

All in all, I would like to say that Singh is Kinng is a watchable movie. It has style, humor, and an engaging narrative. The plot isn't amazing, still the movie works. I wouldn't say this is a must watch, but if you happen to go to the theater with your friends, it wouldn't hurt to watch this movie.

Scorecard (Out of 5):
Acting: 3.5
Script: 3.5
Music: 4
Direction: 3.5
Choreography: 4
Overall: 3.5
Repeat Viewing Value: 1 - 2


  1. hmm.. i was thinkin of watchin tht movie... nice one again..

  2. love your blogs... very expressive.. hehehe keep it up dude...