19 August 2008

It's Brunch Time!

Let me tell you one of the highlights of my vacation. I slept at 2 in the morning, and woke up at 12 30 in the afternoon. Hmmm...So doesnt anyone besides me think that's kinda cool?

I realised that there are several benefits to waking up so late:
  1. You dont have to wake up early in the morning (Kind of obvious, but important nevertheless...)
  2. You get to same a lot of money on food, and you can even reduce weight.
Alright, the second point needs an explanation. After waking up, I thought about what I should eat. Breakfast or Lunch? For help, I turned to a friend of mine who has ample experience in this regard. The advice I got? Eat lunch, dumbo!

As I was happily eating lunch, I though about how good this was going to be for me. I could start a weight loss regime. The secret? Sleep early in the morning, and wake up in the afternoon. Hence you can skip a meal, and thereby reduce your weight!

Excitedly, I told my parents about my new found routine. They werent so happy. In fact, my Mom shouted at me. But hey, I was pretty happy. In fact, I decided to learn a new recipe for 'Brunch'. From now onwards, I would sleep at 2, wake up at 12 30.

It was all going fine. In fact I was having a dream about the perfect Brunch for me. Just when I felt someone give me a strong whack. I looked up, and saw my loving father. "Get up!" he said.

"Why?" I asked him. "Because you havent finished your holiday homework. Now get up and do something!"

I looked at the clock. It was 6: 15 A.M. Yawning badly, I got out of my bed.

So much for my Brunch recipe....


  1. hmm.. seems lyk it dsnt end here...
    the 2 points were cool.. the second one's same a lot or save a lot??

  2. The idea is soo kewl..lolz...u got de idea frm me only na....but Dumbo...u say ur parents ur routine obviously they are gonna screw u up na....!!!

  3. yea...he does dat for one day....the next day he sleeps at 2 in the mornin n wakes up at 6...n thn sleeps at 2 in the aftr noon...moron..

  4. @Anonymous: lol...yup, i did get it frm u only....thnks! really kool idea...
    @Rejin: Oy funny mouth! wht u think.....blurting out my daily routine.....lol.....sorry dude....was tired....see wen i wake up tomorrow!

  5. My mom would never let me try that receipe. Neither would my grandma or anyone else in the family. Skipping a meal, to them, is like skipping... something very important.

  6. dude i've tried tht many a tyms...doesnt help reduce weight atleast!!plz..