16 August 2008

Introducing Laptop Diary

Dear Reader,

I've finally cracked it. After months and months of thinking, I finally figured out how to write a blog of my own. This blog wont have stories, or poems, or serialized novels. All its going to have, is lots and lots of my ramblings (most of you should press Alt + F4 now...). For the rest of you, I'd like to share how exactly I got the name of this blog.

Writing a diary had always seemed like a cool idea. However, using pen and paper to do it, didn't seem so cool. Besides, I could type faster than I could write. Therefore, one day while I was brushing my teeth (I'm not trying to make this melodramatic, this actually happened), I realized that if I combined my desire to write a diary, with my ease of using a laptop, I could get the perfect blog. And viola! Introducing Laptop Diary.

Most of you will think it's a cheesy name. After I finished brushing that day, even I thought so. Still, I couldn't think of any other name to use. So from now on, whenever I get time, I'll be updating this blog with my thoughts. Whether you read it or not, will depend on how bored you are at that time (which is why I get the most traffic during the summer holidays!).

But let me tell you one thing. Don't ever read my blog, and NOT comment on it. And don't you dare comment on it in Orkut. I hate that.

Will be back for more. Till then.....go do something worthwhile....

Over and Out.


  1. yeah i went thru this one too..n noones added ur blog??u ve got so many blogger friends i figured u wudve been favorited atleast a couplatimes..anywayz..i wasnt sure how to reply to ur comment on my blog..cos i usually reply rite there n i dunno how ppl sense i ve replied to their comment n come back n check..but yeah anywayz,regarding my email id..im on orkut..u cud scrap me or sumthin.dat ok?