31 December 2008

"Happy New Year!"

Just about a few hours more, and we're into 2009...

Now, I'm writing this post, for those people who arent going to be invited to a big shot party, or celebration. People like me, who will have to welcome 2009 in more simpler ways. I thought of a few innovative ways to make this New Year Countdown interesting...

Innovation #1: Shout 6000,5999,5998...
If you have absolutely nothing to do from the evening of 31st December onwards...you might as well start the countdown. Remember, there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour. So if you're starting you're countdown at 8 P.M., that means you'll be shouting, "14,400, 14,399, 14,398!"

Best of luck!

Innovation #2: "Hi, Happy New Year!"
For this one, all you need is a phone. Wait till 12 Midnight, and immediately call your best friend. Wish him or her, and then call up your second closest friend. Do this until: A) You fall asleep, B) You're friend curses you for waking him/ her up from sleep...

Innovation #3: Bringing Down The Net
This one is my personal favourite. Log on to your net, access your Facebook or Orkut account. If you are in Facebook, update your status at excatly 12 Midnight. What's the fun? You can see if you're update, "Happy New Year!" comes exactly at 12. Not so fun? Well then, try this...

In Orkut, choose a really popular Community, and ask the members to wish "Happy New Year" excatly at 12. The one who actually gets to 12 Midnight, is declared the winner. Then, watch the fun as Orkut gets jammed, and the server fails...

Innovation #4: Snore
This one's for the lazy goons. Go to bed at 9, and dont wake up until 10 the next morning. That way, you'd have set the tone for the entire year...

Happy New Year Guys!

P.S.: Please tell me how you enjoyed your New Year....


  1. hahahaha... join the club of people who are celebrating it in simpler ways.. :) i brought down the net, watched a flick, listened to music and brought the floor down.. lol... and right now i can listen to some freaks bike racing on the roads and screaming their heart.. i sure am beginning my new year in a better way.. :) and yes i did prepare sweet for the entire family and they loved it..
    :) i ended up writing a complete post about my new year bash.. :) hope you enjoy your new year throughout. good luck.. :)

  2. kool........

    first happy new year and btw i already tried ur 2nd nd 3rd innovation!!!!!!

    buddy... to bad that no one invites me to any new year bash!!!! all i sdo is sit in home and watch those new year progrms they show on tv - intersected by hundreds of ads... indeed borin!!!!

  3. Happy new Yr :)

    I spent the last moments of 2008 blogging.. hehe.. tryin to gt it publishd with all the net traffic was quite a job..

  4. i was all set for following innovation 4...my favourite...be4 some of my friends decided they were gonna wake me up at 12 -_-
    so much for my sleep...

  5. yea n happy new year :D

  6. lol..sorry i partied till 4 in d mornin then watched tv till i fell asleep...
    so which innovation did u do last nite?

  7. happy new year to u too bro!!!
    i spent my time doin nuthin...

  8. I'm late but who cares. I think I messaged around 20 people I could think of on New Years Eve and went out for "The Day The Earth Stood Still" after that.