24 December 2008

Best Post of Laptop Diary - 2008

I love the last few days of the year. That's the time when every one's out making lists. Lists of the best movies, best songs, worst moments, best events....blah blah blah...

So, why should I hold back? I've decided to find out which was the "Best Post" of "Laptop Diary - 2008". Wow, that kinda sounds cool, doesnt it? But here are the nominees...

Nominee #1: The Mallu Who Lived

Nominee #2: Once Upon A Time...When I Was Cute

Nominee #3: What's Wrong With My Hello

Nominee #4: How I Got My Dimples

Nominee #5: The First Laptop Diary

Nominee #6: See Half The Movie...Or Get A Refund

Nominee #7: Julius Caesar 1.5

Nominee #8: Think Of Ajay

Nominee #9: "What's Up With Your Hairstyle?"

Nominee #10: Me And My Decisions

Pick out your favourite post, as well as the top three. The polls will close on 30th December, and the results will be shown on 31th December.


  1. 'the mallu who lived' wins hands down man!!
    i completely laughed my head off when i read that...u made such a serious topic hillarious..!

  2. Actually you could make a real poll on your site for this question. But any ways, my top three are: The Mallu Who Lived, How I Got My Dimples, Julius Caesar 1.5(Part one only)

  3. "How I got my dimples".... "Think of Ajay"...."Me and my decisions"...were my favourites....

    why did you not put"a night of make up ,ketchup and frenship" on the nominee list...??? That one was good too....according to me...

  4. Julius Caesar 1.5 and The Mallu Who Lived..

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  6. 'the mallu who lived'....'how i got my dimples'...nd 'whats up with ur hairstyle'...keep up da awesum work!!!!

  7. u may h8 me for this muthu
    but i say none!!!

    there r 6 more days to go b4 this year comes to an end...so u have gt abt 6X24hrs left.and i expect atleast 5 more articles or poems frm u......which i think will be even better.....
    u kno wat the old man says:
    the rum gets better with time!!!

  8. 'the mallu who lived'...'how i gt my dimples'...'think of ajay'...dez r d best...d rest r gud...keep bloggin...

  9. @Rocky: Hey dude, nice reply...but I dont think I can do it...not cuz of anything else...but my net is really gone right now...will take time to fix it. I'll try to put up 5 more articles if possible! its a gud challenge!!

    @Everyone: Thanks for the response guys...looks like the winners are "The Mallu Who Lived" and "How I Got My Dimples".