29 December 2008

The Bucket List

How many of you have seen the movie, The Bucket List?

Fine, considering that hardly any of you have heard of the movie, I wont go into details. But do watch the movie if you can. You wont regret it.

There's an interesting origin behind the term, The Bucket List. "To Kick the Bucket" is an American expression, which means to die. Therefore, as a philosophy Professor in the movie asks, we should all make a Bucket List. That is, a list of the things which we want to do/complete/acheive, before we 'kick the bucket'.

But talking about death is too complicated. Why dont we make another type of Bucket List instead? I'll take myself as an example. I've decided to make a bucket list which I'll complete before June 2010 (the approximate date when I will leave 12th grade for higher studies).

Musthafa's Bucket List:
#1- Make atleast 10 really close friends
#2- Have a wonderful farewell (hence, indirectly have an awesome time before the farewell!)
#3- Acheive a wonderful readership for Laptop Diary (ya right!)
#4- Write a book (This has been there in all my previous Bucket Lists....looks like it's going to stick around for a long time...)
#5- Get the feeling that my life so far, hasnt been a waste...

These are just some of the items in the list. Why should we write this? Because, years from now, when we look back, we'll know just what we wanted. And what we acheived. Besides, imagine the possibilty of striking out each item in the list, as we achieve it? That itself is reason enough to make a list.

Make a list guys. For the next year. Or for the next two years. Or even for the next 10 years. But make a list. And have fun fulfilling it.

P.S. You could really help me complete mine...if you read #3 of my Bucket List. Subscribe here, and comment as well. If your a blogger, follow this blog too!


  1. the post is inspiring.. i am sure gonna have list of mine.. and all the best for a wide readership.. i am sure gonna follow the "laptop diary"..
    keep writing..\m/

  2. lol...thnks...atleast one item in my list is gonna be completed!

  3. now m workin on my bucket list..... mine will hav all odd items like findin out what happens after death? or why do birds fly at all and not walk and why do fishes swim and not hop?? why do chienese ppl hav such narrow eyes??? and why do african ppl hav such curly hairs??? etc etc....

  4. Good Idea Mustafa! I will write my Bucket-list soon. Maybe if it's interesting enough, I'll show it to you in school.

  5. lovely idea....and i really liked aersh's bucket list..